Learning Paths for District & School Leaders

Welcome! As an administrator, you have an essential role to play in building buy-in across your district and furthering the impact that Panorama Education can help your educators have. Below you'll find two distinct learning paths designed to help you understand your Panorama data, set priorities, and communicate with the rest of your school and district communities.

Whether you are running surveys using our tools or using Student Success to aggregate data (or both!), you'll find great tips and strategies for thinking about your data at a high level to make sure you're able to align everyone in the district.

When you select the path that is most intriguing to you, you'll be led through a series of videos, articles, and activities that will help you reach the goals you've set for your work with Panorama. Feel free to reach out with any questions to support+pd@panoramaed.com.

Learning Path: Setting District Priorities

This learning path is great for district and school leaders who are responsible for setting priorities and writing and communicating goals about using data to the wider community. 

Approximate Time Required: 1 Hour