Creating Individual and Group Interventions

Creating an Individual Intervention Plan

Once you’ve found a student who needs additional support, you can create an individual intervention plan to help them build a skill or meet a goal. You also have the ability to create a group intervention plan for multiple students who are receiving the same support.

  1. On the student’s page, click the Create Plan button to start creating an intervention plan for them: 
  2. Work with your student support team to determine the best course of action for the student and fill out the form accordingly. See the Glossary for more information about each field.

3. Once you have finished, click Save to create the intervention. 

You can always return to your intervention and edit it if you need to. If you plan to change strategies, we recommend closing out this intervention and starting a new one so that the record of the student's progress and strategies that have been used is not erased.

This intervention will be visible for anyone who visits the student’s page:

This allows everyone who has access to that student’s page to see the interventions they are receiving and how they are progressing towards their goal. Anyone can add a note, but only the Champion, Team, and Creator of the plan can update progress, complete the intervention or delete the plan. 

Creating a Group Intervention Plan

Group interventions should be used when multiple students are receiving the same intervention from the same educator or team of educators. Because each student has an individual learning process, you'll be able to create a different goal for each student. 

First, use the checkboxes to select the students you want to include in your group intervention. In the top right corner of the screen, click Create group plan.

Now it is time to enter the details of the intervention. All students share the same intervention details, but if you choose numeric progress monitoring, you can enter different goals for each student.

Aside from Group Name, all the fields are the same as when you're creating an individual student plan. See the glossary for complete details of each field. All fields are required, so you may find it helpful to fill out these details in your Student Support Meeting or with the champion who will be responsible for the students' progress. 

Click Save to save the plan.

Add a Student to a Group Intervention

Adding students to an existing group intervention plan is easy. First, navigate to the My Group Plans page and click the button "Add students to group plan."

Before adding a student to a plan, note that all students within the group have the same plan details, including start date. So if you are already a few weeks into the intervention, consider starting a new group or adding the student to an individual intervention plan.

Next, you will see a short summary of the plan, so you can be sure which plan you are adding students to.

Click the dropdown and start typing the name of the student you want to add. As you type, you will see student names appear below the text box. Click on a student's name to select them. You may continue searching and adding as many students as you would like.

Once you have selected the students you would like to add, click Save in the bottom right corner to make sure the students are added to your plan.

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