Updating and Managing Your Interventions

Update an Intervention

  1. Click into the student with an intervention you’d like to update. You can access a student’s page from the “Students” tab, from the search bar, or from the Interventions page. 
  2. Choose the intervention for which you’d like to update progress. Note that you can only update the progress of an intervention if you created the intervention, are part of the team, or if you were assigned as the “champion” of the intervention. Other users won’t be able to update progress, but will still be able to view the intervention and add notes.
  3. An “update progress” button will appear in the intervention if an update is due. For example, if the monitoring frequency for the intervention is “Weekly” but an update hasn’t been entered for the week, you’ll see something like this. You may also notice a red exclamation mark on this button is an update is past due.
  4. If an update isn’t due but you need to record progress, you can click to expand the intervention to see the “Update Progress” button. 
  5. Select the current date and whether the intervention was performed or not performed
  6. To update an intervention using a "notes only" monitoring method:
    1. Indicate whether the student is on track to meet the goal (by selecting “On track”, “Progressing”, “Behind”, or “Don’t know”). Adding a note is optional.The status of a “notes only” intervention will reflect the most recent update’s selection--“On track”, “Progressing”, “Behind”, or “Don’t know”. If “Don’t know” was selected, the status of the intervention will read “No data”. 
  7. To update the status of an intervention that uses a custom monitoring method:

    1. Enter a numerical score indicating the student's progress. Adding an observational note is optional. 
    2. A custom intervention will have a status listed in the top right corner of the box based on the most recent progress update. Custom interventions are tracked on a line and goal graph and the color depends on how the most recent score relates to the trend line.
    • On Track (green) - the most recent score is at or above the trend line connecting the baseline (initial score) to the target
    • Progressing (yellow) - the most recent score is more than half the distance to the trend line from the baseline score, but still below the trend line.
    • Behind (Red)  - the most recent score is closer to the baseline than the trend line. 
    • No progress reported - no score has been recorded since the intervention was created.

    Updating Group Interventions

    If you click into a group intervention, you will see a new page that shows a summary of the group intervention plan along with a list of the students in the group. From this page, you can review how each student is doing and update their progress, add a note, or complete the intervention. You can also add other educators who are supporting the student by using the "Manage Teams" button.

    Edit an intervention

    Interventions can be edited by using the "Edit Plan" button on an individual or group intervention. This option may be located in the dropdown in the right corner of an intervention. You will only see this option if you created this intervention, are the champion, or are part of the team. 

    You may also delete an intervention if it no longer applies, however we recommend that you use "Complete Plan" to show when interventions were ended early. This provides transparency into strategies that have been tested but were not successful, so that future educators can see what has and hasn't worked for a student.

    Complete an intervention

    1. Click “Complete Intervention”
    2. Enter the date and whether the goal has been met or not met. Indicating your recommendation for future support is optional.

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