Learning Path: Setting District Priorities (3/4)

Now that we understand our data and have some context for what it means and how we can navigate it, we can begin to think about using that data to prioritize an area of focus. 

1. Things to Consider when Prioritizing a Focus Area

Watch the video below to learn how Panorama recommends prioritizing a focus area based on data.

Context for this learning path.

2. Key Takeaways

  • Select one key focus area to inform district priorities by...
    • Use the prioritization matrix to select highly actionable and high impact topic areas.
    • Consider other data like attendance, behavior, or academics
    • Align with already defined priorities in the district
    • Bring others into your decision-making process to ensure you make the best possible choice for your community

Navigate to Other Lessons

Introduction: An overview of how Panorama works and what you'll learn throughout this course. 
Understand Your Data: A walkthrough of the basics you need to know to understand your Panorama data so that you can begin using it to inform school planning.
Determine Your Focus Area: Activities that will help you identify where you want to focus your efforts, based on the data you have access to with Panorama
What's Next?: Now that you've identified a priority for your school or district, what's next?