Building Buy In For Teacher and Staff Surveys

Because so much of schools’ focus tends to be on student learning, the quality of faculty/staff work environment often gets put on the back burner. However, surveys can be a fantastic way to signal that the school cares, and to learn about what is going well or not so well.

General Strategies for Building Buy-In

  1. Administer the survey to a captive audience: Most professionals who work at schools feel that time is their most valuable resource. If you can carve time out of a faculty meeting, it won't feel like they're losing their time and they may be more able to invest in the survey as a consequence.
  2. Acknowledge that the community values teachers’ opinions: Schools need to know what is going well and what might be improved from the population that knows the school the best – teachers and staff. The survey provides an opportunity to have faculty and staff opinions gathered in a way that all voices are heard, not just the loudest voice at the faculty meeting.
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