Understanding Panorama's Survey Instruments

What are Panorama’s survey instruments?

Panorama offers the following free and open-source survey instruments:

  • Panorama Student Survey
  • Panorama Teacher and Staff Survey
  • Panorama Family-School Relationships Survey
  • Panorama Social Emotional Learning Survey
  • Panorama Equity and Inclusion Survey

Panorama’s survey instruments are grounded in advanced survey methodology and best practices. These instruments have been rigorously developed and Panorama is committed to validating, testing, and refining them over time.

Best practices used by Panorama Education's research team used to design surveys:

  • Wording survey items as questions rather than statements
  • Eliminating “agree-disagree” response options and instead reinforcing the underlying topic in response options
  • Asking about one idea at a time rather than using double-barreled items (e.g., “How happy and engaged are you?”)
  • Using at least five response options
  • Making sure that all response options are verbally-labeled to make surveys more conversational

What are scales? Why are they important?

All of our instruments are designed as a series of scales, or group of questions related to a single topic. This design feature allows educators to customize the surveys by selecting the topics they wish to measure in their schools without compromising the integrity of the surveys.

Most of our scales already have a substantial body of evidence of their validity across specific contexts and uses, and we continue to collect data about all of our scales’ reliability and validity.

Take Action

Take a look at each of our User Guides for our instruments to understand our scales and decide on the right content, so that you can measure what matters.

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