Launching and Administering Your Surveys

NOTE: This article only applies to you if you have access to Panorama's survey creation tools. If you see an 'Admin' button on the top right-hand corner of your screen, then this article is for you! If not, please contact your Panorama team with any questions.

Launching your Surveys

Once you have selected your content and uploaded your roster file, if your surveys look ready, the last step is to "Approve the survey setup" to generate the surveys. This usually takes about a day. You'll get an email to let you know when surveys are ready to distribute!

A few recommendations:

  1. Let survey-takers know how to participate: Students will access surveys by entering their student ID numbers at the survey-taking website. You will see this survey taking url when your surveys are open. You can use the "Email Your Survey button to send staff and families a direct link to their individual survey from the platform. Read this article to learn more about distributing your surveys!
    1. Once distributed, we recommend giving respondents 1-2 weeks to participate in the surveys. This survey window might be narrower if you define a very specific time for collecting responses - say a specific time of the day over the course of a few days or a week or a faculty meeting.
  2. Share a copy of the survey with your team: Educators who are proctoring a student survey may benefit from having a copy of the survey to refer to especially in distance/hybrid learning environments. Learn how to share a copy of the survey here.
  3. Check your response rates regularly: Not only will a high response rate lead to representative data, and more of it, but a higher response rate will also lower the risk of non-response bias. Non-response bias is the error resulting from distinct differences between the people who responded to a survey versus the people who did not respond. Learn how to monitor your response rates in platform.
  4. Close surveys and check back for your reports: Once you’ve closed your survey, the platform will automatically begin creating your survey reports. You’ll receive an email once your reports are ready to view. This process should only take a few hours. Learn how to close a survey in your Panorama platform.

Distributing your Surveys 

You can easily distribute your student surveys by instructing your students to visit your unique school url and enter their access code. You’ll find instructions and your unique url in the platform when your surveys are open and ready for distribution.  

By default, the access code will be the student IDs you uploaded in your roster file, but if you aren't sure, you can use the green "Download one-time use access codes" button to get a list.when creating your surveys. 

If you included student email addresses in your data file, you will have the option to email the student surveys directly to students. This means that students will not need to enter their access codes. 

If you would like to distribute your student surveys via email, we advise that you prepare your technology in advance and add our IP address and domains to your allow list to make sure your surveys are delivered on a timely manner when you are ready to begin your survey administration.

The default setting for distributing surveys to families, teachers, and staff is always via email. One of the advantages of this is that you can send reminder emails to those respondents who have not completed their surveys. This could help you improve your response rates and guarantee that all respondents have an opportunity to provide feedback.

Note about Panorama Reminder Emails: Surveys are confidential. Panorama will automatically relay information about response rates to district survey lead, school leaders and/or survey coordinators without disclosing any information about the survey responses themselves. We at Panorama Education take confidentiality very seriously. 

Adding Custom Messaging to Your Survey Emails 

The emails that Panorama sends when you click the "Email Your Survey" button are standardized, and include information about confidentiality, why you are asking for feedback, and the custom survey link. Below you'll find a sample email that mirrors what is sent from the platform when you use the "Email Your Survey" button. The content of these emails may change depending on the type of survey you are running, but you can always double check the exact content of the email within the platform. You will also have the option to add any custom text you might want to include.

Sample Email Content:

Subject: Request for Feedback - Staff/Family/Student Survey

Dear [First Name] [Last Name],

This year, your school partnered with Panorama Education to survey staff/families/students at your school about your experiences and perceptions. Your participation is completely confidential, which means that no one at your school will ever see your individual responses. We (Panorama Education) are managing this process to ensure security.

The results of this survey will help administrators better understand your perceptions of your school.  Survey data will be used by your administrators to identify strengths and areas for growth.

You may use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to access the survey. To complete your survey, please click the following link: [Your Unique Access Link]

If you have trouble accessing the online survey, please contact us at

Thank you for your participation and for being a valued member of your school community.


The Panorama Education Team