Proctoring a Student Survey

What You'll Learn

In this resource you can learn about how to administer a survey to students.

Why is my role as a proctor important?

As a proctor, your role is to set the tone for students who are about to take their survey. It’s important for students to know how valuable their voice is, and following best practices as a proctor will ensure quality feedback.

How should I proctor to ensure the best results?

  • Encourage students to take the survey seriously by letting them know how their feedback will be used.
  • Make sure all students are prepared to do work or read quietly after they have completed their surveys.
  • Collect all the necessary items for surveys ahead of time, including making sure that all students have access to a device to take the survey on, and a list of online access codes.
  • Review collection protocols to best protect the confidentiality of student responses.
  • Provide feedback to survey coordinators about best practices for survey administration.
  • If you are planning on reading survey questions aloud to students, you may want to request a copy of the survey from your school or district's survey coordinator.

Resources for Proctoring a Survey

All of our resources for proctoring a student survey are available in English and Spanish, to ensure that all students are able to give accurate feedback on their school experiences. 

  1. For younger students, consider using our vocabulary mini lesson [English | Spanish-English] to ensure that they understand the words that are used in the survey. You can download a copy of this slide deck and remove any terms that your students may already know.
  2. Download our customizable Proctor Guides below and use them to proctor surveys in your classroom. If you need additional materials that teachers can use during survey administration in their classroom, you can download the customizable Proctor Slides:

Take Action

Learn more about the importance of student voice and download resources to talk about student voice with elementary and secondary students.

Proctor Instructions & Scripts

  • Proctor Instructions (Classroom Learning)
  • Proctor Instructions (Distance/Hybrid Learning)
  • Proctor Instructions - Student About Course Section - One Survey [English]
  • Proctor Step-by-Step Slides for Student Survey-Taking
  • IMPORTANT: Students most often use their student ID as their access code. The survey-taking site is[youruniqueclientURL]. If you are unsure of your client URL, please contact us at

At-Home Survey Taking Resources

If you are supporting students who will be taking their surveys at home, you can make a copy of, customize, and share the following resources: