Learning Path: Setting District Priorities (1/4)

Welcome to our Learning Path on Setting Priorities using Panorama! As an administrator, you have an essential role to play in building buy-in across your district and ensuring that everyone is on the same page about the priorities and goals of using Panorama to gather and analyze data about your school community. 

Before we dive into learning together, here's a quick overview of what you'll find in the next few sections of this learning path. Feel free to use the links below to skip around and fill gaps in your learning, or follow the entire path by using the "Next Lesson" buttons on each page.

This learning path will take about 30 minutes to complete, though you can always bookmark where you've left off and continue at a later time.

Learning Path Contents

Introduction: An overview of how Panorama works and what you'll learn throughout this course. 
Understand Your Data: A walkthrough of the basics you need to know to understand your Panorama data so that you can begin using it to inform school planning.
Determine Your Focus Area: Activities that will help you identify where you want to focus your efforts, based on the data you have access to with Panorama
What's Next?: Now that you've identified a priority for your school or district, what's next?