Learning Path: Setting District Priorities (4/4)

Now that you've identified a focus for your district, you're probably wondering what to do next. Identifying priorities and setting goals is something that can happen at any point in your work with Panorama, so you next steps may vary 

What's Next?

If you're just getting started in your work with Panorama, please review our "Getting Started" resources, which will equip you to move forward with implementing Panorama throughout your school or district: Getting Started with Surveys and Getting Started with Student Success. These resources will walk you through the tactical steps required to ensure you have a successful implementation and rollout. 

But outside of making sure that you've covered the technical bases above, you also want to make sure to follow through with the focus you identified in this course. The resources below will walk through some high-leverage options you should use over the next few weeks.

Moving Forward with Identified Priorities

  1. Now that you've identified your top focus, you can begin to set specific goals. Check out this page for specific instructions on how you can implement this process and begin to embed your goals in the district's strategic process.
  2.  Once you've set determined your focus and set goals, you'll want to determine the best way to communicate that information out to the rest of your school community. This will help you build buy-in as you continue to flesh out your strategy around using Panorama.
    1. Here are a few great resources related to this:
      1. Why Building Buy-In Matters
      2. Preparing Your School for Survey Results
      3. Introducing Student Success to Your Community
      4. Setting a Positive Tone when Sharing Panorama Data
    2. *Coming Soon* You can also follow our other Learning Path on Communicating about Data, which will walk you through our communication best practices in more depth, with tons of sample letters and emails.

Thank you so much for taking the time to walk through this content with us! Let us know below if was helpful, and you can always reach out to support+pd@panoramaed.com with any feedback or questions.

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What's Next?: Now that you've identified a priority for your school or district, what's next?