2020 Feature Release Notes

This page contains a digest of our feature releases and product updates. Feel free to click to a specific month to see what updates were released then, or read through for a quick overview of changes we've released.

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  • April 15: School Closure Specific Support Notes  
    • Many of our district partners are using support notes in Panorama so that educators can virtually communicate with one another and have a running record on how specific students are being supported while they're learning from home. To offer further support, we have created new support notes options that are related to school closure and virtual learning. Learn more about using support notes here.
      • The new options include:
        • Check-in: Virtual Learning 
        • Check-in: SEL
        • Check-in: Basic Needs
        • Challenge: SEL
        • Challenge: Virtual Learning
        • Challenge: Tech/Internet Access
        • Challenge: Basic Needs
        • Notes for Back-To-School


  • March 19: New District and School Dashboard Functionality
    • The updated District and School Dashboards in Student Success are designed to allow educators to answer important questions that affect student outcomes. You'll now have the option to select your View By criteria in addition to narrowing the data with Filters. The new Overview on the School Dashboard allow you to see these same insights at the school level. Learn more about what you can do with these new features.


  • February 27: Default Time Frame Changed to Year-to-Date
    • All users will now see data for the full year when they log into Student Success, rather than the current marking period. This ensures that data will be easily viewed, even at the beginning of a marking period when grades have not yet been updated.
  • February 20: Assessment Subscores in Student Success
    • Districts who use the following assessments will now be able to see subscores for the sub-assessments, as well as the currently-shown composite score. Check out our assessments page for more details.
      • Fastbridge Early Math
      • Fastbridge Early Reading
      • Fastbridge Early Reading Spanish
      • Fastbridge CBMR-English
      • Fastbridge CBMR-Spanish
      • STAR Early Literacy 
      • iReady


  • January 28: Managing Teams for Your Interventions
    • The champion or creator of an intervention plan (individual or group) will now be able to add other educators who supporting an intervention to the team. Those who are added to the team will also be able to edit a student's plan, update progress, or mark it complete. You can read more about this feature here.
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