What resources is Panorama providing for Distance/Hybrid Learning?

Panorama has been hearing from educators across the country about what they need during this time, so we are excited to provide a variety of resources to help you support your students and community as we prepare for back-to-school.

Looking for resources to help you act on survey data right now? 

Explore our new Taking Action resources and learn how to support student and adult SEL using your survey data!

1. Online ResourcesPanorama provides the tools you need to support students in a distance or hybrid learning environment:

  • Check-in tool: The Check-in tool provides you with a way to gather information about how students are doing in the moment, and provide feedback they might have about their learning environment. Giving students a chance to share their voice with Check-ins provides you with a tool you can use frequently and quickly to gather data and provide necessary support. To learn more about how to add check ins to your Panorama platform you can reach out to your Panorama project team!.
  • Administering Surveys in Distance or Hybrid Learning Communities: If your learning community participates in distance or hybrid learning, gathering student data by administering surveys is very valuable in creating a positive learning environment. You might administer surveys regarding topics such as a student’s engagement or sense of belonging. This data is important to adapting the environment to meet student needs, grow relationships with students and families, and support positive learning outcomes.
  • Using Survey Results to Support SEL during Hybrid Learning: To put your survey data to work, you will first want to review how to read your survey data. Then, once you understand the results, you can use our Playbook to find the strategies that will help your students grow their SEL skills. .Here is a sample timeline of surveys for the 2020-2021 school year, including the new survey content that may be available depending on your license:

Click here to learn more about our Research team's recommendations for survey topics to run during hybrid or distance learning If you have questions about what this fall might look like considering your school or district's specific concerns, reach out to your Panorama team today! 

2. Virtual Professional Development (PD) for Educators

Professional development can be a great way to ensure you are fully able to support your community. Check out some of the resources we are offering below.

Virtual PD for Educators

3. Support for Taking Surveys

We know that many schools are adapting to distance or hybrid learning models, so we have created a variety of resources to support survey-takers.

4. Support for Taking Action with Panorama Data

When things are busy, it can be helpful to continue using familiar tools to check in on your community and document your communications. Below are resources that will help you utilize Panorama tools in a new way.

  • MTSS in a Distance or Hybrid Learning Environment: Use our resources to integrate Student Success into your MTSS and streamline your supports for students.
  • Using Support Notes to Act on Student Needs: Support notes help educators virtually communicate with one another and have a running record on how specific students are being supported while participating in distance learning. 
  • Panorama's Playbook: Educators across the country use Panorama's Playbook to find and share effective SEL activities, behavior management strategies, and academic interventions. Explore 500+ evidence-based, research-backed, or educator-recommended "moves" designed to help support students holistically. Many "moves" include options for virtual facilitation and delivery.