What resources is Panorama providing to prepare for back-to-school?

Panorama has been hearing from educators across the country about what they need during this time, so we are excited to provide a variety of resources to help you support your students and community as we prepare for back-to-school.

Looking for resources to help you act on survey data right now? 

Explore our new Taking Action resources and learn how to support student and adult SEL using your survey data!

1. New Survey Instruments

School Reopening Survey User Guide

We have worked closely with our Research team to develop new survey instruments that will help you learn what your community needs. Learn more about each survey below, or reach out to your Panorama project team for more information!

  • School Reopening Survey: This survey will help you gather comprehensive feedback from families, teachers, and staff to Identify needs, instructional preferences, and academic and social-emotional supports for the return to school.
  • Community Needs Survey: This survey is available to any district or school, whether or not you are a current Panorama partner. It is designed to help you learn how are families doing and what their children need right now.
  • Distance Learning and Well-Being/SEL Surveys: This survey is available to current Panorama partners. You can use it to check in on how your students and staff are doing in this remote learning environment and learn more about what they need.

2. Virtual Professional Development (PD) for Educators

While in times like these, professional development can be a great way to ensure you are fully able to support your community. Check out some of the resources we are offering below.

Virtual PD for Educators

3. Support for Taking Action with Panorama Data

When things are busy, it can be helpful to continue using familiar tools to check in on your community and document your communications. Below are resources that will help you utilize Panorama tools in a new way.

  • Using Support Notes to Act on Student Needs: We have created school closure specific support notes to help educators virtually communicate with one another and have a running record on how specific students are being supported while learning from home. 
    • To support you in using these new options, we are holding some Drop-In Webinars in which one of our Panorama partners will talk about how they are using Support Notes right now.
  • Using Survey Data to Support Your Community: Many of our partners are surveying their students, staff, and families to learn how to better support them. You can use the resources linked here to learn more about how to take action using this data.
  • Playbook for Remote Learning: Educators across the country use Panorama's Playbook to find and share effective classroom-based SEL strategies. Playbook for Remote Learning is a set of slides that adds framing to your favorite Playbook strategies, making them easier to use in remote learning situations.

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