Using Student Success during Distance Learning

Across the country, schools are using Student Success to support students who are learning remotely. In April 2020, we featured some of our partner districts to learn more about their experiences and tips. Below you can watch recordings of the webinars or read through the key takeaways that we have learned from these sessions.

Watch a Recorded Webinar
Future recordings will be added soon!

Using Support Notes

Support Notes are a way to document the many ways educators are supporting students, especially during remote learning. All support notes are stored on a student's profile page, which gives everyone insight into a student's current situation and needs. Learn more about using support notes here.

Tips on using Support Notes for Distance Learning:

  1. Elevate the experience students are having at home with support notes.
    1. To support our partners in distance learning, Panorama has created new options for Support Notes. These options will allow you to log aspects of students' home experiences that may affect their presence and capacity for learning right now. These options include:
      1.  Check-in: Virtual Learning 
      2. Check-in: Basic Needs
      3. Check-in: SEL
      4. Challenge: Basic Needs
      5. Challenge: Tech/Internet Access
      6. Challenge: Virtual Learning
      7. Challenge: SEL
      8. Notes for Back-To-School
  2. Create and share groups of students in need of or receiving critical supports.
    1. Once you've started using the new support notes, you can use Student Success to create groups of students who meet specific criteria. For example, as a school leader, you may want to create and share a list of students who have inconsistent internet access at this time. This information can help teachers better support and understand their students during this time.

Using Interventions

Even when students are not in the classroom, it is important for educators to be able to support students using academic, behavioral, or other interventions. Learn more about creating and managing interventions here.

Tips on using Interventions for Distance Learning:

  1. Customize Tier 2 and Tier 3 Interventions for distance learning
    1. District leaders who have "admin" access in Student Success can customize their district's intervention library to provide educators with new intervention strategies that can be used to support students. These custom intervention strategies will show up as an option for anyone in the district who is creating an intervention.
    2. An example of an interventions that you might add to your list of defaults is "Family Training on Virtual Classroom," which would allow you to track that a student's family has received training on what is needed to support their distance learning.