Exporting and Printing Your Data

There are a variety of ways to see your data outside of Student Success. If you want to view the data in the same format that you see in Student Success, you should use the Print feature. If you want to see, reformat, or analyze the raw data, you should use the Export feature. You can read more about each of these features below.


You can print any page that contains a list of students, including the students tab and group overviews. You can also print individual profiles and intervention plans. Please note that only pages that contain a print button are currently optimized for printing.

Other Notes:

  1. Demographics are currently excluded on the printed version of the Profile Page in an effort to maintain privacy for printed content.  
  2. Printing looks best when the printing options don't include headers and footers, and do include background graphics. To get to these settings, it is a bit different in each browser, but usually located under print -> options.
  3. This functionality prints what is visible on the screen. For example, if you would like to include details about an intervention plan, expand that intervention plan on the page before printing. This applies to anything you can expand. You can see some examples in the attached Profile Page example.
  4. The print functionality for custom reports is not yet available. You will see this feature become available in the coming months.

Take Action

  • Print out a student profile page for your next Parent-Teacher Conference meeting and celebrate the areas of strength and highlight the highest leverage areas of growth for individual students.
  • Print out a group of students after you've selected the desired demographic fields. This list can be students who you intend to celebrate or provide further support to, and you can keep students top of mind by adding the list to your clipboard or notebook. This makes for easy access while you are traveling around the school building.
  • Create and share a group of students you plan to talk about in an upcoming RTI meeting.

Exporting Your Data

When you see an Export button, you will be able to export the data you currently see on the page.

When you click Export, you will receive a .csv file, which you can open and edit in Excel, Google Sheets, or import into another program. This file will contain the data that you are currently viewing in Student Success, including any timeframes and filters you have selected. You'll see a pop-up that shows exactly what data will be included in your export. 

For example, I may use filters to narrow my view to the students in 11th grade who were critical in academics in Q2. You'll see this in the visual below. After I select those filters, I can add these students to a smart group so I can continue to track their progress. I can also print or share this page to save the data in a form that may be useful for showing in a meeting. But if I wanted to further analyze the data outside of the Student Success platform, I should use the Export feature.

The .csv file that you receive contains all of the data that you would see on the specific page you exported. The export for the example above includes student name and ID number, as well as data for each of the indicator bars, including academics for each subject area, attendance, behavior, the student's self-reported SEL competencies, and any intervention data.

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