Utilizing Playbook to Act on Survey Data

This article walks through Panorama's Playbook and how you can use it to take action on data and support your students. Read through the full article or click to each section below to learn more about specific areas.

What is Playbook?

Panorama's Playbook is a dynamic online platform built to empower teachers. The idea for Playbook was sparked by conversations in our survey work with thousands of schools and districts nationwide. Playbook helps answer the question “What’s next?” for teachers after they receive feedback and self-reported SEL data from their students. The teachers we engaged with told us that they wanted professional development tools that are actionable, validated by their peers, and easy to implement in their classrooms. 

Built by teachers, for teachers, every strategy or “move” on Playbook, comes from a successful classroom teacher. Teachers validate the content with ratings and are encouraged to contribute their own moves to Playbook. The content on Playbook spans a range of pedagogical approaches, since no single strategy works for every teacher in every setting. 

Playbook offers the opportunity to begin implementing changes in your classroom in the areas that matter to you and your students. By using and contributing to Playbook, you will help the platform become smarter over time. 

Getting Started 

1. Login to Playbook 

Everyone who has a Panorama account has access to Playbook. You can find a link to Playbook within your survey results, or by visiting playbook.panoramaed.com. Your Playbook account is part of your Panorama account, so the same login information works for both.

We encourage you to explore and refer back to Playbook regularly. To log in again, teachers can bookmark the Playbook website (playbook.panoramaed.com) or return to Playbook through their reports. 

2. Create Your Playbook Profile 

The first time you log in, you will be guided through a series of prompts orienting you to the layout and content of Playbook. The final screen asks for the grade levels and course subjects that you teach, as well as your years of teaching experience. This information will allow you to discover resources that are better suited to your classroom practice, based on your interests and level of experience. You can always access and edit your profile by clicking on your initials in the top-right corner of the page.

3. Use (and contribute to!) Playbook 

Once you create a profile on Playbook, you can click into a specific topic or organization to explore the wide range of classroom strategies available to you.

Explore Moves 

Each move on Playbook is a classroom strategy that has worked in a real classroom and was vetted by other teachers. Moves are broken into three parts-- Goal, Action, and Why This Works-- to allow you to put them quickly into practice. 

Playbook moves represent a range of pedagogical approaches, allowing teachers to pick which approaches work best for you and your classroom settings. 

Add Moves to My Playbook 

Once you’ve found moves that you want to try or explore further, add them to your playbook to save them for later. Click the star in a move to add it to your Playbook, where you can always return to it. 

Rate Moves 

Rating a move once you’ve tried it in the classroom will communicate to other teachers how effective the move is, while also helping the Playbook platform grow smarter over time. 

Great moves will rise to the top of the platform as “Highest-Rated Moves,” and less effective moves will eventually be removed. You play an essential role in helping the platform to become the best community of practice it can be. 

Find Research 

The introduction to each topic area in Playbook highlights relevant research, including journal articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries. In each Research Move, you will find a brief description of the article that supports the topic and how it's related to our classroom practice, as well as a link to the complete text. 

Contribute to Playbook 

Teachers know best what works inside of classrooms, so if you have a move that has worked well for you, we hope you’ll contribute it so your fellow teachers can use it. Click “Submit a move” at the top of Playbook to begin the process. 

Taking Action

Utilizing Playbook to find classroom strategies is important, but it is only a part of the full process of using survey data to support student outcomes. Start building your SEL toolkit through Playbook with this worksheet

Additionally, if you'd like to connect with other educators who are using Playbook to support student and adult SEL growth, register for Playbook Power Hour, a biweekly Community Workshop.  

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Questions about Playbook? Contact us at playbook@panoramaed.com with questions and suggestions!

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