Preparing for Back-to-School with Student Success

Most of us use Student Success regularly throughout the school year, but over the summer you might want to change your approach or use of the platform. Below you'll find some recommendations for how you can use Student Success as summer approaches and you start to prepare for back-to-school.  

Before the School Year Ends

As the school year comes to a close, we recommend taking the following steps to ensure your students' data is up-to-date and ready for the team that will be supporting them next year.

  1. Complete any interventions that will not continue over the summer or into the next school year. You can easily do this by navigating to your My Plans page, where you can see all of the intervention plans for which you are responsible for updating progress. Any interventions that are not completed will show up as "In Progress" on the student's profile page until they are completed. Completing interventions and leaving notes is a good way to ensure that the students' future teachers will have the information necessary to support them in the future.
  2. Clean up Your Groups. If you have any static groups that you will not need to reference next year, such as a Lunch Bunch or extracurricular group, you may want to delete them to have a clean slate for next year. If you would like to keep the groups for reference, you may want to add the school year to the title so you can tell that the group is not one that you need to reference regularly.

Over the Summer

Though student data (including academics, attendance, behavior, and SEL) will not be updated over the summer, you can continue to use Student Success when preparing for the new school year. 

  1. If you are supporting students over the summer, you can continue to enter Support Notes and Interventions and create Groups. Interventions and Support Notes will be associated with the previous school year and can always be viewed on a student's profile.
  2. We highly recommend creating Custom Reports to aid in back-to-school planning. You can utilize the data from the previous school year to measure progress, understand how students are doing, and set goals for the next year.
  3. Please note that even if you are working with students during summer school, you will not see their academic, attendance, or behavior data updated. If you have questions about this, please reach out to your team at Panorama, or 

After the School Year Starts

  1. When the new school year starts, you will notice that you will no longer see the previous school year's data. If you are a teacher, you'll see your new students in your course sections, and all educators will see updated rosters for their school, as well as demographic information for their students. To view previous year's data, you can navigate to the District or School Dashboards or a Student Profile. In the top right corner, you'll see a year dropdown that will allow you to view snapshots of data from the end of each school year that you have been using Student Success. You can also view specific data from previous years using Custom Reports.
  2. Create New Groups. Your previous years' groups will stay the same, but you may want to create new static groups to better track the new students you will be supporting. You can continue to use your existing smart groups if the criteria you are interested in has not changed. 

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