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During Playbook Power (Half) Hour we highlight Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies and interventions from Playbook, Panorama's online professional learning library. We also discuss how we can integrate these strategies into our work with students as we all learn how to build belonging especially in distant or hybrid learning environments.

Here you'll find the presentation and recordings of recent sessions, in case you are not able to attend live! 

Presentation Link:

Recordings (Shared Strategies):
  • Thursday, 9/10 (Student User Guides, Inclusive Academics, Count Me Down)
  • Thursday, 9/24 (Shifting the Weather, Culture Boxes, Frayer Model)
  • Thursday, 10/8 (Activate the Village, Hexagonal Thinking, The Power of Padlet)
  • Thursday, 10/22 (Exploring Identity Through Movement & Cultural Learning, Intentional Family Tree, My Fullest Name)
  • Thursday, 11/6 (Hopes ‘N Dreams, Internal Weather Report, Self Compassion Letter)
  • Wednesday, 11/18 (Connection: Pause for the Positive, Release Fear: Name It to Tame It, Gratitude: To Whom it May Concern)
  • Thursday, 12/3 (Adult SEL: Mindful Listening, Body Scan, Energy Check-In)


  • Wednesday, 2/17 (Adult SEL - Cultivating Our Resilience: Show Your ID, Adult Weekly Commitments, Educator Self-Reflection Tools)
  • Wednesday, 3/3 (Student SEL - Compassionate Engagement: Shark Fin + Temp Checks, Waterfall Chat,Padlet and Presi’s)
  • Wednesday, 3/17 (Adult SEL - Addressing Racism with Students and Caring Adults: Internal Weather Report, Equity Course for Educators, Commitment to Action)
  • Wednesday, 3/31 (Student SEL - Embedding SEL/Racial Equity into Academics: Identity Representation in Books, Inclusive Academics, Setting SMART Goals)
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