2021 Feature Release Notes

This page contains a digest of our feature releases and product updates made in 2021. Feel free to click to a specific month to see what updates were released then, or read through for a quick overview of changes we've released recently.

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September 10: Added support for Google Single Sign-on for student survey-taking

  • Educators now have the ability to provide single sign-on as an option for students to log in to take their surveys. Reach out to your Panorama team to learn more about enabling this optino.


August 5: Ability to print Support Notes on a Student Profile

  • Educators will now see support notes when they print a student's profile page. This has been updated in response to feedback from educators like you! Use these links to learn more about support notes and printing.


July 30: Updates to the Check-ins tool for the new school year

  • To support educators who have been using check-ins throughout the 2020-2021 school year, there is now a school-year dropdown on check-ins response pages. Our team has also made some updates to the design of the pages to ensure they are easy to use as you continue to hear from your students. Learn more about viewing data from previous school years here.

July 27: Rename Static Groups


June 15: Check-in responses on now available on students' profiles

  • Educators can now view a student's responses to their check-ins by navigating to the student's profile page and clicking the Check-in Responses tab. Learn more here.


April 15: Updates to the Check-ins Tool

  • We have streamlined the check-ins workflow based on feedback from educators.
  • Educators can now delete draft check-ins. Learn more about check-ins here


January 28: Exporting now available on intervention reports in Student Success

  • Educators can now export aggregate data on intervention reports to further analyze data. Learn more here.

January 20: Educators can now view students in specific course sections they have access to.

  • Course section view on the Students tab allows educators to toggle to viewing only the students they support in specific course sections. Learn more here.

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