Viewing Previous Years' Data in Student Success

Once you’ve been using Student Success for multiple years, you’ll see a dropdown on specific pages that allows you to toggle back to previous school years.

Screenshot of District Dashboard with School Year Dropdown Selected

On the District, School, and Students Dashboards, when you switch to viewing data from a previous year you’ll see a snapshot of the data from the end of that school year. Switching to previous years’ data can be helpful as you’re getting to know students and understanding what school was like for them the year before. For example, if you are viewing a specific course section or group, you could switch to last year’s data to see their academic, attendance, behavior, and SEL data from that year. 

When you view previous years' data, you will only see data for students to whom you currently have access. This means you may see fewer students than expected, especially if you are an educator with access to only students in your course sections.

Please note that on the Students Dashboard, you won't be able to toggle to previous years and see data for students who were enrolled in a different school at that time, even if they are currently enrolled at your school. Students who are ninth graders in 2020-2021, for example, will not show up when you view data from 2019-2020 at the high school. Continue reading to learn more about visiting a specific student's profile to see all of their available data from past years and schools.

When you’re looking at data from a previous year, you will be able to use the filters from that year to see specific students who met the criteria based on their end-of-year data. For example, if you wanted to find students to check in with based on previous intensive supports, you could navigate to a previous year, filter to students who received a Tier 3 intervention, and create a static group of these students. This might support you in making informed decisions about how to support students based on interventions they’ve received in the past.

Individual Student Profiles

On individual student profile pages, you can toggle to a previous year to see interventions, support notes, and other data tied to that school year. The Student Profile also allows you to view student data from previous schools the student attended. 

If a student was at a different school before, you will see that reflected in the school year dropdown. Students who are dual enrolled will have data pulled in for both their schools if their student ID is tied to both schools. Students who have graduated or left the district will not appear.

The information from previous years is static; you will not be able to add or edit support notes or interventions, and the demographics at the top of the page will reflect the school year you have selected. All documents that are uploaded to a student’s profile will remain on their profile throughout a student’s entire time within a district, and will not disappear when a student transitions to a new school within the district.

What Data Following Students?

The following is the data that follows students across schools: 

Assessments - Assessments taken by students across multiple schools will follow the student on the assessments roster page. This applies when both the assessment and assessment window are the same across schools.

Documents - All documents added to a student’s profile will remain on their profile no matter what school they move to within the district

Student Profile School and Year Dropdown - The School Year dropdown displays all years available for that student in Panorama. For any previous school, the year will be accompanied by the past school name. In cases where the student has moved school mid-year, the school year will be listed twice in the dropdown, as well as the name of the previous school.

Enrollment - Data will only appear for students who are actively enrolled at the district - once a student graduates, their data will no longer appear in Student Success.

Need Help?

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