What Panorama resources are available to help me take action on my data?

Data is only as valuable as it is actionable, and because we know that understanding a tool is an essential part of folding it into your daily routine, Panorama provides a variety of resources training educators on how to use our platforms, analyze data, and action plan. The following are helpful resources that you can start using today to make the most of the Panorama data available to you. 

Panorama Academy

Our library of on-demand articles and videos to support you through each step of your Panorama journey. From getting started, to understanding your data, to sharing your data with other educators and taking action. Explore these resources and share with your community to better leverage our platform and your district’s data. You can access Panorama Academy by clicking here or typing academy.panoramaed.com in your address bar.

Once you log into your Panorama account, you can access Panorama Academy by first clicking on your profile icon in the top right. This is a circle icon with the first letter of your first name that is associated with your Panorama user account. A dropdown menu will then appear. Click on Panorama Academy to access our library of resources.

Panorama's Playbook

Using Playbook – Panorama’s professional learning library – school leaders and educators can move from understanding data to taking action and implementing specific strategies or interventions. 

Playbook connects educators to hundreds of instructional resources, social-emotional learning activities, academic interventions, and behavior management strategies that are designed to support students’ academic growth, behavior, social and emotional well-being, and engagement. You can shift seamlessly from reviewing your Panorama survey data (or data from other sources) to exploring interventions aligned to survey topics, academic focus areas, or behavior types.

There are over 500 “moves” (i.e., strategies, activities, lesson plans, etc.) in Playbook that focus on SEL, family engagement, well-being, school climate, behavior, ELA, and mathematics. These resources include a mixture of evidence-based strategies, research-backed ones, and also “educator recommended” practices (e.g., activities that aren’t formally evaluated by researchers but have been used successfully in classrooms by educators). On Playbook, educators can search, filter, and save strategies by domain, survey topic, tier, intervention focus, developmental stage, framework alignment, curriculum provider, and several other categories.

You can access Panorama's Playbook here.

Panorama's Product Support Team 

As you interact with Panorama tools, you will see a Need Help? button at the bottom right. When you click on this button, you select between Answers or Ask tab.

  • Answers: With the Answers tab, recommended resources will be listed. This list will display Panorama Academy articles relevant to the webpage that you are currently on. 
  • Ask: With the Ask tab, you can click Email to send a message directly to our Panorama Product Support team members. Our team is happy to support with any questions you have about your Panorama data.

Panorama Webinars and Recorded Workshops

We offer a variety of recorded workshops covering topics from setting up your surveys, navigating your reports and using Panorama’s Student Success platform.

You can also join the Panorama Community webinars and virtual workshops for learning and connection alongside many educators. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to our team at support@panoramaed.com. Happy exploring!