2022 Feature Release Notes

This page contains a digest of our feature releases and product updates made in 2022. Feel free to click to a specific month to see what updates were released then, or read through for a quick overview of changes we've released recently.

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January 13: Student Profile update available to schools and districts who have access to Student Success.

  •  All documents that are uploaded to a student’s profile within Student Success will now remain on their profile throughout a student’s entire time within a district, and will not disappear when a student transitions to a new school within the district. This access is available to all educators who have a has access to a student’s profile in Success will be able to see all of the documents that are attached to the student’s profile. You can learn more about Student Success and Navigating Student Success within Panorama Academy.  

January 17: Documents Follow Students Across Schools


March 16: Student Success users are able to edit Group Intervention plans once all students have completed the plan.

  • In Student Success, individual and group interventions can be edited until students have completed the plan. Group interventions can still be edited even when one or more students have completed the plan, but once all students have completed the plan, the ability to edit the intervention will no longer be available. Learn more about editing group interventions here


April 7: New Guarding Contact Information Feature is Live!

  • The new Guardian Contact Information feature allows districts to pull data about students' parents and guardians onto the student profile. Family engagement as well as informing students' guardians about their progress or needs in school is a critical part of supporting students. Using this feature, educators can get the information they need about guardians and contact them more easily right from Student Success. You can learn more about Student Success and navigating student profiles within Panorama Academy.

April 18: Behavior Analytics in Student Success.

  • Educators and school leaders can use Behavior Analytics in Student Success at the district, school, and student-level to analyze patterns across school climate and culture and to uncover opportunities to provide students with additional support. Learn more about the Behavior Dashbaord in Panorama Academy or contact your Panorama Project team
April 21: New Feature Available: Item-Level Student Reporting with SEL data.
  • Educators can now drill down to SEL student-level responses using Item-Level reporting. Item-Level reporting is an optional feature that can be found on student profiles. This feature provides teachers and counselors to be more targeted with their student’s SEL needs and interventions. You can learn more about this feature in our FAQ page

April 25: New Intervention Email Notifications and Preferences

  • Student Success users will begin to receive email reminders when intervention plans are overdue for progress updates or overdue for completion. Additionally, Educators will see a new Account Settings and Notification Preferences pages in Success! Learn more about our Notifications in Panorama Academy.