What is Item-Level Reporting?

Item-Level reporting is an optional feature within SEL Student-Level reports that provides teachers and counselors to be more targeted with their student’s SEL needs and interventions. Item-Level reporting will display student responses to each question except for free responses. This reporting feature will report student responses from any SEL topics that have been administered in your school or district.

How does Item-Level reporting appear on Student Profiles?

With Item-Level reporting, you can drill down to student responses and identify students who may need extra support. Item-Level reporting will appear on each student's profile (Figure 2.) under each SEL topic that has been administered (Figure 1). Once you expand a topic in a student's profile, you will see a list of all questions that were administered. Underneath each question, you will then see the individual response from that student. 

Figure 1.

 Figure 2.

How can I get Item-Level Reporting? 

Item-Level reporting will be available to districts or schools that have administered SEL Student Surveys (Student Competencies or Teacher Perception of Students). This feature will be “default off” and not visible unless requested to be turned on by your Panorama project team. You and your project team can work on a timeline to turn on this feature that best aligns with your report rollout dates. Additionally, this feature can be toggled off at any time. 

Can Item-Level Reporting include past SEL Survey data? 

Yes, Item-Level reporting can be turned on to display historic SEL Item-Level responses. Additionally, your can request to hide item-level responses prior to a certain date. We can either apply this only to SEL data going forward, or to all your SEL survey data that we’ve collected over the years.

Do all roles have access to view Item-Level reporting?

Yes, all roles can have access to Item-Level reporting. However, we can also limit and/or remove access to this feature by role. We have four permission options available for each role in your district and school. You can reach out to your  Panorama project team to manage the level of access to each role to be one of the following:

  • No permissions
  • View Student SEL responses only
  • View Teacher Perception of Students (TPOS) responses only
  • View both Student SEL and TPOS responses

Each role will be defaulted to “No permissions” until access is requested and authorized. Once requested, your Panorama project team can enable the permissions options above for each role. Additionally, you can reach out to our Technical support team for future user access and permission. 

What should I consider when enabling Item-Level Reporting?

With Item-Level SEL reporting data, educators have the potential to be more empowered and provide targeted support to student’s SEL needs. With item-Level reporting, students should know their survey responses are not confidential. This information is important to communicate especially if previously, it was communicated to students that no one would see how they answered each individual question. If you are interested in accessing this new feature, below are some considerations you can discuss with your Project team:

  • Who in my district or schools may need to review or approve to have this feature turned on?
  • What user roles should have access to this new feature and what level of access should each role have?
  • Should Item-Level reporting be turned on for only future SEL survey data or all past SEL data?
  • What are some ways we can start communicating Item-level reporting to educators in our district and school? 
  • How can we align Item-Level reporting with our current/future rollout plan?