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Understanding Your Panorama Reports

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In addition to providing you with access to data about your community's school experience, Panorama is committed to helping educators understand and act on that data. 

Before accessing your reports:

  • Watch the video below to see an overview of how to navigate your reports. Learn more about SEL student reports here.
  • Ask yourself the following questions to reflect on what you will see:    
    • What are you most curious to know from the feedback?
    • What do you think the participants will identify as the greatest strengths of your school and/or teaching practice? Why?
    • What do you think the participants will identify as an area of growth in your school and/or teaching practice? Why?

For a detailed walkthrough of Panorama reports, with reflection questions and activities, download our Guide to Understanding Your Survey Reports.


While reading your reports:

  • Stay low on the ladder of inference. Identify facts in what you're seeing before jumping to conclusions about cause and effect.
  • Be honest about your feelings! Getting feedback can be hard sometimes - don't hesitate to come back to reports at a time when you're feeling more equipped. Remember that your reports are one piece of the picture of your work and can be an excellent tool for improvement.
  • Celebrate growth and identify strengths. Over time you'll be able to see if there are patterns in the feedback that you're receiving. Highlight areas of growth and identify your strengths.
  • Take notes. When you see something interesting in your report, save it using our bookmarks feature. From there, you can export your bookmarks and notes to a PowerPoint or PDF to share and discuss them with your colleagues.

After reading your reports:

  • Want to talk with someone about your results? We recommend finding a trusted peer or advisor to talk through the questions that you answered while reading your reports. Bring together a grade level team or a professional learning community and have a conversation about how the results can impact your work as a team.
  • Want to try something out in your classroom? Access Playbook through your reports to search for "moves" (i.e., strategies, interventions, lesson plans, activities) that you can try in your classroom. Learn more about moving from understanding to action with Playbook here.

Additional Resources

Read more on how a teacher used her reports to reflect on her own growth mindset and improve her practice.

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