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Creating Your Surveys: Step-by-Step

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NOTE: This article only applies to you if you have access to Panorama's survey creation tools. If you see an 'Admin' button on the top right-hand corner of your screen, then this article is for you! If not, please reach out to your Panorama project team with any questions.

Create your Survey Project

A project in the Panorama platform is a group of related survey administrations. A project should contain all surveys you run in a given time period! We recommend grouping projects by  time period (season and year) to make it easier to remember when the data was collected. This will help you and your team navigate your results more efficiently.

To get started, please create a new project by clicking on the "Start a new project" button. After clicking the "Start a new project" button, you will see a screen where you can:

  • Name your project. We encourage you to name your project something that is easy to identify when your results are available.
  • Include descriptions for your project goals.

After you have provided this information, click "Save" to move on to the next step!

(Figure 1.)

Select or Create your Content

Next, you will want to begin your survey by creating new content or reusing past survey content (recommended). If you have previously created survey content, you can select it from the "Choose existing content" dropdown list. This is a great way to replicate past surveys.

If you are creating your content for the first time, please see the video below for a short walkthrough. Once a survey is created, you can make adjustments to the content and easily add or remove custom questions to your survey templates.

(Figure 2.)

Designing your survey is a crucial step! Not sure what topics to measure? This resource can help you decide which content to include in your survey: Panorama's Survey Instruments.

Upload your Roster

To provide the platform with all of the necessary information about who will be taking the surveys, you will need to upload a roster file. The roster upload process provides more summary information and data checks.

Uploading a file is easy! After you have uploaded your roster, match column headers to specific fields in the tool. It is important that you map columns correctly and review and resolve any errors before finalizing your survey. 

(Figure 3.)

Use this article to learn more detail about the upload process: Preparing and Uploading your Roster File

Note: Educators with Admin access now have ability to opt out and opt in students from a survey administration. Learn more about this functionality in Panorama Academy.

4. Review and Approve your Survey

After you have completed the above steps and confirmed that content and rosters are final, please click the green "Approve Survey Setup" button. This step is necessary to ensure we are notified that your surveys are complete. You can review your content and/or roster and make any edits before approving your survey set up. 

Once you've clicked the button, the platform will start creating the surveys and you won't be able to make any changes.

Once approved please give the platform a few hours to complete the survey generation. You will be notified once your surveys are ready for distribution. Our team will contact you if any errors were discovered during the creation process and a member of our team will work with you to address any issues. Please give yourself some buffer time between survey setup and administration to make sure everything goes smoothly.

As always, feel free to contact our support team (support@panoramaed.com) with any questions or concerns about your surveys!

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