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Templates for Sharing Data with Stakeholders

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An important part of building buy-in for your survey program is effectively sharing your results with everyone in your school or district. In order to support you in this, we've created some template slide decks, emails, and protocols you can use in meetings with your school board, school administrators, and families.



Sharing Data with Your Board

Click here to view the template slide deck

You may want to share data with your school board or others who need a high-level understanding of the results of your surveys. This can be a great way to ensure everyone who has a say in your district or school's initiatives and policies understands what your community (students, staff, and families) have to say about how things are working for them.

You can view and make a copy of the slide deck we've created to guide your conversation around Panorama survey data. You can fully customize this to your needs, but it contains context on Panorama's survey program, template slides about who you surveyed, survey highlights, and support on taking action.


Sharing Data with School Administrators

Click here to view the template slide deck

Sharing survey results with school administrators is an essential part of ensuring that everyone within your school community not only has access to the data, but has a chance to hear the context behind the data. 

You can view and make a copy of the slide deck we've created to guide your conversation around Panorama survey data, which will give you a template for conversations you plan to have with principals and other school administrators.  


Tips for Sharing Panorama Data with Administrators

As you are preparing to share data, consider the tips below to help guide your work.

  • Encourage transparency. Make sure to share answers to questions like these: Why did we run surveys? What are reports going to be used for?
  • Teach administrators how to use reports. Schedule time to demonstrate how to look at reports and answer technical questions using the template deck. This means individuals will be able to return to their reports when they are thinking about using the data to support their work.
  • Build a team of advocates! Identify a core group of leaders who are especially motivated to use the results, and their enthusiasm will be contagious to more reluctant users. You may also want to identify individuals who can share best practices in a particular topic they excelled in with those who need support.
  • Encourage principals to use bookmarks to record notes, and then share with their teams by exporting the bookmarked data into a PDF or PowerPoint.

Sharing Data with Families

There are many considerations to keep in mind when sharing data with families. The resources and guidelines below include some aspects that are specific to student-level SEL data, as well as some that apply to sharing school-level aggregate data.

Most districts are looking to accomplish the following goals by sharing student SEL data with students' families and guardians: 

  1. Help families understand that social-emotional learning is as critical to developing a successful student as academics.
  2. Guide families on how they can play an important role in their students’ social-emotional development.
  3. Build excitement and community buy-in to support individual students’ social and emotional needs.
  4. Share survey results and potential outcomes based on the data to build buy-in for the survey-taking process 

One thing to consider is that families may have less context about the survey projects, so it is important to share with them the purpose of the survey process in addition to sharing the results. In the email template mentioned below, you'll see we've linked many resources to support families in understanding the data you share.

Survey Communications Toolkit

How to Share the Data

Use the email template in the Communications Toolkit to write a note to the families of your students. We recommend attaching a PDF document to this email that contains the survey results you are hoping to share, or pulling out 1-2 specific data points (ideally a strength and an area for growth) to share with them instead. You'll notice that the email template 

Whether you are sharing specific student survey results with each parent or guardian, or sharing aggregate school or district data with all families, we encourage you to follow these steps to save the reports as PDF documents.  


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