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Using Teacher Perception of Student Surveys to Measure SEL

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About the Survey

Teacher Perception of Student SEL Survey User Guide

Panorama's  Teacher Perception of Students’ Social-Emotional Learning (TPOS) Survey allows educators to reflect on their perception of their students' SEL skills. Most districts use TPOS to gather data on educators' understanding of their younger students' SEL (typically grades K-2), alongside Panorama's standard Student Social Emotional Learning Competencies survey (for grades 3-12).  

Like the student SEL competencies survey, the TPOS survey has topics that are aligned to specific skills. However, each topic only has one or two questions in order to allow teachers to reflect on many students’ SEL without survey fatigue. 

When selecting the topics available on the survey, Panorama's Research team identified the skills that are most observable by teachers in their students. For instance, a teacher may easily observe a student’s overall level of engagement in class (Engagement) and ability to regulate emotions (Emotion Regulation), but have less accurate observations of a student’s mindset or sense of safety at school. We recommend that schools ask students about these topics directly through student surveys. 

View all available topics in the TPOS Survey User Guide.


Creating & Administering Your TPOS Surveys

In general, you should create your TPOS survey the same way you create other surveys using the Panorama platform. Below are each of the steps you should take, with considerations and links to resources you can use as you are setting up your survey. If you have any questions about setting up your survey, please reach out to your Panorama contact, or support@panoramaed.com.

Survey Content

If you have an SEL license with Panorama, you will be able to select the survey on the Content tab, within the Admin portion of the platform. When you select the survey instrument here, you'll be able to start creating your survey content by selecting the topics you would like to measure.

(Figure 1.)

After you select your survey topics, you'll see an estimate of how long the survey will take. You can multiply this by approximate number of surveys you are asking teachers to take to get an idea of how long it will take them to complete all of the surveys. 

(Figure 2.)

Learn more about creating your survey content here.

Survey Roster

Just as for other surveys, you can download a template roster file in the platform or on this page. When creating your roster file, take care to create all of the teacher-student pairings that you would like to see results for. 

Most of our district partners ask teachers to take TPOS surveys for each of the students they teach in grades K-2. If you would like teachers to take surveys for multiple students, you should include a row in your roster file for each teacher-student pairing you want to create a survey for, making sure that the teacher's data in the file is consistent. This will ensure that the teacher sees all available surveys when they click the link in their email.

See the screenshot below for an example of a roster file that includes multiple teacher-student pairings.

(Figure 3.)

Learn more about creating and uploading your roster file here.

Survey Taking

Once you send emails from Panorama with teachers' unique survey taking links, they will be able to use the link to access their surveys. Teachers should see a page with all of their students listed. Each survey will be labeled with the student's name, so that the teacher knows which student they are answering the questions about.

The example below shows the surveys Astrid Lindgren would expect to see, based on the example roster file above that contained 4 teacher-student pairings.

(Figure 4.)

Teachers do not need to take all surveys in the same sitting, but must hit the blue "Submit" button on each student's survey for the results to be submitted. Survey responses cannot be saved partway through the survey.

Resources for Survey Taking

Reviewing TPOS Survey Reports

TPOS survey results will appear in reports at the district, school, and student level. Below are a few examples of reports you might see, depending on how your platform is set up.  

(Figure 5.)

(Figure 6.)

If multiple teachers have taken a survey for a student, those results will appear as an average on the student's report. If both a teacher and a student have reflected on their SEL skills, you'll see both sets of responses on the student's report.

Note that you will not see national benchmarks in any TPOS survey results.

Learn more about reviewing your survey results here.

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