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Building your Panorama survey content in alignment to your strategic plans, priorities, and vision is a pivotal step in the survey creation process. Your content directly shapes the valid and reliable data you will receive from your respondents, empowering you to take data-informed action in service of your school communities and district. Therefore, the first step in creating your survey is deciding what you want to measure from our survey instruments, which consist of various questions that align to specific topics. Continue reading below to learn more about setting up your survey content using Panorama’s Admin Tools. 

NOTE: This article is only relevant if you have access to Panorama's survey creation tools. If you see an 'Admin' / ‘Platform Admin’ button within your ‘Applications’ icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen, then this article is for you. If you don't have access to the survey creation tools, please reach out to your Panorama project team for support.

Steps to Building Your Survey Content in the Platform

Panorama has a variety of survey instruments you can choose from when deciding which topics you want to administer to your students, teachers and staff, and/or family members. Learn more about each of our survey instruments here

Once you’ve decided which instrument best aligns with your survey administration goals, you can log into your Admin tools and start creating your survey content. 

Follow the steps below to build your survey content: 

1. After creating your survey project, click on the “Create new survey” button (Figure 1.). 

(Figure 1.)

2. You will then be taken to the first step in the survey creation process, which is selecting or creating your survey content (Figure 2.).  If you have created survey content before, you will be able to select it from the “Choose existing content” dropdown list (A). This is a great way to replicate past surveys and track change over time since the survey was last administered when the results become available. To create a new survey, click on the “Create new content” button (B).

(Figure 2.)

3. Choose from the Panorama survey instruments available to you (Figure 3.). 

(Figure 3.)

4. Once you select your preferred survey instrument, a pop-up will appear with relevant information about the survey (Figure 4.). From here, you can explore the survey's user guide (A)  to understand the topics and questions available in each survey instrument. You can also rename the survey to align to your school or district’s context (B). Click the “Create Instrument” button to move on.

(Figure 4.)

5. On this page, you are able to build your survey by selecting the topics in the left-hand panel. You can expand each topic using the + button to see the questions (Figure 5.) and click on the checkbox to add the topic to your survey (Figure 6.). 

Most of our student surveys have a grades 3-5 version and a grades 6-12 version and our teacher survey has a teacher and staff version. When you select a topic, the questions aligned to that topic will automatically populate for both versions of the survey. 

(Figure 5.)

(Figure 6.)

6. Use the green “pencil icon” (Figure 7.) to edit the name of your survey to best align to your school and/or district’s priorities. 

(Figure 7.)

7. Panorama's surveys are translated into a variety of languages, which you can see using the dropdown in the top left corner (Figure 8.).  Review a list of available translations here

(Figure 8.)

8. Once you have selected all of your topics, you can scroll down to the bottom of each survey template and see the total number of questions and an estimated survey completion time (Figure 9.). 

(Figure 9.)

9. At the top right hand corner of each survey template, you can click on the “View Sample Survey” button to see what your survey will look like for respondents and the “Save as PDF” button to save your survey content or print it (Figure 10.). 

(Figure 10.)

The survey saves automatically, and you can always return to your draft to make updates before finalizing your survey. After you approve your survey you cannot make any changes to your content. 

Adding Custom Content to Your Survey 

While we encourage our school and district partners to use our survey instruments for their students, teachers and staff, and families, we recognize the value in customizing your survey content to align with your school or district’s priorities. When building your survey you have the ability to add custom questions without altering any Panorama content (Figure 11.) and/or  convert to a custom instrument (Figure 12.) When you convert to a custom instrument, you are able to re-order, edit, and delete Panorama survey content. 

(Figure 11.)

(Figure 12.)

We invite you to learn more about customizing Panorama survey questions and creating custom survey content.

Notice regarding parental consent

Panorama Survey content is in compliance with the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment and protected information survey requirements.

There are laws that protect students from being asked about certain topics without parental consent. These topics include, but are not limited to, political affiliations, sexual behaviors, religious practices, and any illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior.

Please familiarize yourself with these laws before adding custom content about sensitive topics.

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