Survey-Taking Help for Students

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Below you’ll find resources to support you in taking your Panorama surveys, whether you are taking them on your own at home, virtually with a teacher, or in a classroom.


As a best practice, please complete the survey set-up process 2 to 3 weeks prior to your intended launch date! This will give our technical teams time to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. 

Select the down arrow for each toggle to learn more and watch the provided videos on each topic. 

  • Understand Survey Questions

    In this video, you'll learn how to read the questions on your survey so you can select the best answer choice.

  • How to Take Your Survey

    In these videos, an adult will walk you through taking your survey, just like your teacher would if you were in a classroom.

     English Resources Spanish Resources
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  • Watch this video to learn how to have your survey read aloud to you:

    • Use the Read Aloud functionality for survey-taking. The Read Aloud feature is designed to enhance survey-taking accessibility by reading the survey questions out loud. All panorama content is supported by the read aloud functionality.  
      • In order to use this feature, survey takers must click the Turn on read-aloud button at the top of each survey. Once the feature is enabled, a speakerphone icon will appear for each survey question, answer choices, and headers and subheaders.

    Screenshot_2024-01-22_at_11_48_57 AM.png

    Screenshot_2024-01-22_at_11_48_48 AM.png

    Read Aloud is supported through via most major browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc. If a browser does not support read aloud, the icon will not appear. However, you can use the "text-to-speech" functionality in your web browser to read questions aloud.

    All supported languages will have access to the read aloud function. If a survey respondent's language is not supported, the read aloud functionality will not appear. 

    We've tested this across browsers and languages, and found that the tool typically supports all of Panorama standard translated languages, depending on the settings of the individual users browser and operating system.
    Here are two resources to add languages to their own browser:
    microsoft-icon – Rokstad Power Windows instructions
    File:Google Chrome icon (February 2022).svg - Wikipedia ChromeOS instructions 

    Another option is using the  Google Chrome’s “Text-to-Speech” feature on your computer to have your survey read aloud. If you have any questions at all, please ask your email the Panorama team at

    Mac Computer : Video Instructions Mac: Written Instructions
    1. Once you've opened your survey, you can have the survey read aloud to you by:
      1. Selecting the text you want to hear
      2. Right click and select Speech > Start Speaking in the menu
    2. If you want the entire page read aloud, you can do this by navigating to:
      1. In the Chrome menu, select Edit 
      2. Select Speech > Start Speaking
    PC Computer: Video Instructions PC: Written Instructions

    1. First we need to turn on the Narrator program
    2. To do this, click Windows Logo Key + Ctrl + Enter all at the same time
    3. You will see a grey box pop up with a title “Heads up! Narrator keyboard changes
    4. Go ahead and click “OK” at the bottom corner
    5. Next, you might see a larger window with the title “Welcome to Narrator” 
    6. Go ahead and click the “Minimize” button at the bottom
    7.  Now, go back to the survey-taking window
    8. First, Highlight the text that would like to be read aloud
    9. Next click Shift + Caps Lock + Down Arrow all at the same time to have the highlighted text read aloud to you
    10. Repeat these steps and highlight the next question until you complete the entire survey
    11. Once you have completed all your surveys, you will want to exit the Narrator program
    12. To do this, click Windows Logo Key + Ctrl + Enter all at the same time, you will be notified that you have not quit the Narrator program
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Surveys

         Are survey responses saved partway through the survey?
    • You cannot save your survey responses and return to complete the survey. Responses are submitted when you select the blue submit button, but if you exit the survey without clicking this button, you will have to start over.

      What if I submitted my survey or my browser crashed before my survey was completed?
    • If the “Thank you” screen did not appear, you should retake the survey

      What devices can surveys be taken on?
    • Panorama surveys can be taken on any device with an internet browser, including laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

      Can I complete my survey after the survey window for my district has closed?
    • Once your district closes the survey, you will not be able to complete it. If you try accessing a closed survey, you will see the following error message: "The survey window for this access code is closed. Sorry, there are no surveys you can take right now." (Figure 1.)closed survey error message.png



If you are a caring adult supporting a student in taking their survey, please review the following resources:

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