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Bookmarking Data Within Your Report for Future Reference

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Why Saving Important Data in Your Reports Matters

Are there any data points in your reports that you will want to revisit later? Would you like to save meaningful pieces of information so that you can view them at a different time? Saving these pieces of information in one place will help you make the most out of your data. With bookmarks you can download the most interesting results, charts, and findings from your Panorama data into a unique report that you can export and share. 

How to Create a Bookmark

Throughout your Panorama reports, you'll see that some data points have a small bookmark button in the top-right corner. This button will add the data point to your bookmarks, creating a snippet of your report that you can find later under your bookmarks page. In addition, you have the opportunity to categorize the bookmarked data and add a short, private note about this information and why you are saving it.
You can do this whenever you find a piece of interesting, informative, or actionable data that you wish to save and revisit later.

You can find your saved bookmarks on your Panorama home page, or on the green menu at the top of your page.

On Your Bookmarks, you will see a dropdown menu option to download all of your bookmarks as a PDF or PowerPoint. You can then easily share these findings in a single file with others.

If you decide a data point is no longer relevant to you, you can always remove the bookmark.

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