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Creating Custom Survey Content

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NOTE:  This article only applies if you have access to Panorama's survey creation tools. If you see an 'Admin' button in the top right-hand corner of your screen, then this article is for you. If you don't have access to the survey creation tools, please reach out to your Panorama contact to discuss your custom content!

Why Custom Content Matters

We encourage our school and district partners to use our survey instruments, including the Panorama Student Survey, the Panorama Teacher Survey and the Family-School Relationships Survey, because our Research team has spent time validating the specific vocabulary, questions, and topics included in our surveys. But we also know that it can be valuable to use an instrument that you have developed previously or add a few custom questions to your surveys to ask questions specific to your school or district's situation.

Please note that translations of any custom content will not be automatically available. Please see this resource for instructions on how to add translations to your custom questions.

How to add custom questions to your Panorama survey

You are able to add custom questions to a survey that uses Panorama's survey instruments. To create a survey with custom questions, follow these steps:

  1. Click Create New Content or navigate to the Content Tool.

  2. Choose from the Panorama survey instruments available to you. 
  3. Add the topics from the left sidebar that you want to measure.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of your survey. To add your custom questions, select "Add Custom Question". When adding custom questions, you are able to draft the text of your question and select the "topic" you would like that question to fall under. You can create a "Custom Questions" topic so that you are able to review all results in one area.
  5. Choose the question type. If you choose "multiple choice", you will see three options appear: "Score this question", "Do not score" and "Use as a background question". Learn more about these options here.
  6. Add as many custom questions as needed. Before you finalize your survey, you can preview your survey at any time by clicking "View Sample Survey" at the top of the page. 
  7. To finish, click "Continue survey setup" in the purple bar at the top of the page.

If you would like to learn how to customize one of the existing Panorama survey questions, you can explore this page.

How to create an entirely custom survey using Panorama Admin Tools

You are able to create surveys with all custom questions instead of using one of Panorama's instruments. To create a custom survey:

  1. Click "create new content" 

  2. Click "Create Custom Instrument"

  3. Fill in the required fields and click "Create Instrument"

  4. Follow steps 4 through 7 from the section above



How to create custom questions with multiple choice answers

When you are creating custom survey questions with multiple choice answers, you will see three options appear:

    • Score this question
    • Do not score
    • Use as a background question

Score this question

Scoring a question allows you to view the percentage of respondents who responded favorably to the question. By opting to score a question, you will select one of three options for each answer choice: 

Favorable answers are most often, the top two positive answer choices for a question with five answer choices, and the top three for a question with seven answer choices.

Not Favorable answers typically represent the remaining answer choices that were not designated as Favorable and represent negative answer choices.

Unscored answers, like "I don't know" or "N/A", are not included when calculating the percent favorable.

Do not score

You can proceed with typing out the multiple choice answers. Respondents will be able to select one answer and this question will not be scored. 

Use as a background question

Selecting "Use as a background question" will allow you to disaggregate survey data by responses to the questions. This helps illuminate how different groups within your community responded to your survey. Most often, background questions gather more information related to the demographics of the survey respondent.

Below is an example of how your survey results will be disaggregated:

Still have questions about custom content? Email us at support@panoramaed.com.

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