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Reviewing Your Check-In Responses

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Check-ins can be used across a school or a district to quickly and easily learn how students are doing right now—focusing on students’ well-being, learning, and social-emotional growth. You can review students' responses to questions and use the information to plan school-wide or targeted supports in response, building stronger relationships with students in the process. 

How to View Results from a Check-in

Below we will walk through how you can review student responses for check-ins. Once students have responded to a check-in, you and other educators who support them can view their check-in results. You can access check-in responses a few ways, including at the school level and at the individual student level.

Check-in Responses on the District, School, or Students Dashboards

You can see check-in responses on the district, school, or students dashboards by clicking on the Check-in Responses tab (Figure 1.) on the left navigation bar. Note that this tab will only be available once student responses have been submitted.

Figure 1

Figure 1.

You'll automatically be shown responses from the most recent check-in, but you can also use the dropdown to select a specific check-in you would like to explore more from the dropdown menu. You'll also be able to select the specific school you want to view responses for, if you have access to multiple schools in your district. On the Check-in Responses page, you will see a list of questions that students reflected on during this specific check-in. You can click into each question to view how students responded.


Figure 2.

Once you click on a question, you can see how each individual student responded. The bar graph (Figure 3.) at the top aggregates and displays all the responses with the count and percent of each response. (Percent is based on # of responses for a single option / # of total responses for all options.) By default, you will see all the responses and the full list of students, but you can filter for one or more specific answer choices by selecting the checkboxes.

Figure 3.

Selecting a checkbox will filter the students who responded with that specific answer choice (Figure 4.).

Figure 4.

Check-In Responses on a Student Profile Page

When you click on a student's name from the results, you will be taken to a summary of all their check-ins (Figure 5.). Under their name, you’ll see:

  • The total number of check-ins they’ve participated in.    
  • The total number of questions they’ve answered. 

By scrolling down and expanding the check-in (Figure 6.), you’ll see each of their check-ins including:

  • The name of the check-in.     
  • The name of the educator.                             
  • The questions the student was asked.                     
  • The student's responses to each question.

 By viewing all responses and check-ins for a single student, you can learn how they’ve been doing but also make sure they aren't being over-surveyed. 

Figure 5.

Figure 6.

From here, you can navigate to that student’s profile page by clicking on “ Overview” on the left navigation bar. By going to the Student Profile Page (Figure 7.), You may decide to log support notes or create an intervention for individual students or groups of students as a next step, based on what you learn from the check-in.

Figure 7.

Reviewing Existing Check-ins

You can always review existing check-ins that are being administered to your students by clicking on the Check-ins Overview page on the top navigation bar.

Figure 8.

Here you'll see check-ins created by yourself and other educators with the following information in each of the columns:

  • The Name of the check-in.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • The Name of the check-in creator with their first initial and last name.                                                                                                                                                              
  • The Status of the check-in, where a green dot indicates a “live” check-in and a gray dot indicates a draft check-in that has not yet been launched.                                                                                                                                 
  • The Latest response shows the date of the most recent response from a student.                                                                                                                                  
  • The Total responses show the total number of responses the Check-in has received; Check-ins without responses will display “No response yet”. 

You may also navigate to the results of a specific check-in from this page. Click on the “ See responses” button next to the specific check-in you wish to explore further. (Note that this button will only be available once student responses have been submitted.) 

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