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Preparing Your School for Survey Results

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Now that your survey windows are closed, it’s a good time to prepare your schools and community for the feedback that they will receive. It’s important to engage key stakeholders in report results to identify actionable next steps and to boost future response rates.

Now that you’re gearing up to release reports, here is a recommended timeline to ensure high engagement with results. Feel free to tailor this timeline and share it with administrators to align with any staff professional days, school improvement planning, school assemblies, or parent/family open houses at schools.

Why Reports Engagement Matters

Your schools and community can benefit from thoughtfully engaging with the results to bring about actionable change for your students. Now that you’ve collected perception feedback, it’s a great time to identify how your schools can utilize this information to enact change, and how to best prepare stakeholders to utilize reports.

Step 1: Engage Principals and Staff with Reports

Data Release and Engagement Timeline for District Leader(s):  

  • 1 week before reports launch: Set expectations with principals around how they will use data at their sites. 
  • Day of report release: Email principals to remind them to check their email for a link to access their reports.
  • 1 week after reports release: Principals hold staff meeting to look at school level data with staff and model how to interpret reports. Here are some guiding questions principals might consider with their staff:
    • What are a few areas of strength and areas of improvement that are highlighted in the data?
    • What questions and patterns does the data surface?

Step 2: How to Engage Your Community with Results

After building-level staff has had a chance to review data and identify next steps and set goals, school leaders can identify the best ways to communicate results from student and family results (if applicable). Principals might be encouraged to engage students and parents with the data as well.

  • Share school results with the Student Council and ask them to build an initiative.
  • Host a data-driven roundtable discussion with the parent association.


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