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Explore Free Responses in Your Reports

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Respondents have shared their feedback with you and some of them might have included additional comments that will provide more information on the questions you asked in your survey. It is now time to dive into these comments! This resource will help you navigate your data to locate those free responses, open comments and word clouds (if available) within your Panorama report. 

1. Choose the report subject you would like to view comments for. In this example, we will use the District Summary. 

2. Choose the survey you wish to see these comments for. In this example, we will look at a Teacher & Staff survey.

3. Scroll down, past the survey scored topics, to view a list of Free Response questions. Hover over the summary of responses next to the question you wish to see comments for, and click on the green “Explore” button.

4. Explore the individual free responses to the question you selected. You will also have the ability to filter them by theme and access the related word cloud. 

Note: word clouds are only created if enough common words are detected in the free responses, and for this reason, not all questions will have a word cloud available. If available, your word cloud would look like this:

Feedback Surveys

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