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Starting a Support Plan Using Student Data from Panorama

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Why Student Support Plans Matter:

  • Data is only as useful as the action that comes from it. Asking students to share their perspectives on various topics is the first step. Understanding those perspectives is the second step. Taking action is next
  • Action can feel high-stakes compared to exploring and discussing the meaning behind numbers. We’ve found that teachers feel more supported when this transition is broken into a few simple steps.


Take Action:

Download and adapt this slide deck, which organizes your action planning into the following steps:

1. Set an intention: Encourage each staff member to call a current student to mind for this protocol.

2. Inventory: Consider what you already know about the needs of the student you’ve called to mind.

3. Define: Articulate the information you’ve learned from this student’s SEL results.

4. Unpack: Determine what else you need to know about this student.

5. Plan: Use Playbook to help determine what next steps you might take with this student. What will you keep doing, start doing, and/or stop doing?

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