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How to Create Groups

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Creating groups is a great way to identify students you want to continue to support throughout the school year. in Student Success, we have two types of groups: smart and static.

Smart groups allow you to create a dynamic group based on a saved set of filters. For example, if I want to track my seventh grade students who are declining in attendance, I can create a smart group by selecting the correct filters and clicking "Save." This group will update as students' circumstances change, allowing you to keep track of students who need the most support!

Static groups allow you to save a list of students that will not change. This can be useful for keeping an eye on students you support in an after-school club or extracurricular activity, such as a sport or lunch bunch. You can select students with the checkboxes on the left to add them to a static group.

In the Groups tab on the main navigation bar, you can see a list of all groups you have created or have been given access to.

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