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Understanding Cutpoints

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Understanding cutpoints is essential for making informed decisions about which students need the most support in different areas, including their academics, behavior, or attendance! In Student Success, each indicator bar is split into the following four colors, corresponding to whether or not students are considered on track, at risk, or critical based on their data in the platform:

  • Dark Green: On Track for College/Career Readiness
  • Light Green: On Track for Graduation
  • Yellow: At Risk
  • Red: Critical

When you are browsing the platform, you can find more information about cutpoints by hovering over the area you have questions about or clicking into tooltips. You can also continue reading below to learn more.

Below you can find our standard cutpoints in Student Success for our four main indicator bars: academics, attendance, behavior, social emotional learning (SEL). The cutpoints differ by each type of data and are based on research about when students are most likely to succeed

  Academics Attendance Behavior SEL  
On Track for College/Career Readiness All As or Bs
Proficient in > 80% of standards
Attended 95% or more of school days No behavior Incidents Reported strengths in all topics  
On Track for Graduation All As, Bs, or Cs
Proficient in > 60% of standards
Attended 90-95% of school days Incidents on 1-2% of school days Reported strengths in at least half of topics  
At Risk At least one D
Proficient in > 40% of standards
Attended 80-90% of school days Incidents on 3-4% of school days Reported strengths in less than half of topics  
Critical At least one F
Proficient in < 40% of standards
Attended less than 80% of school days Incidents on more than 5% of school days Did not report strengths in any topics  

Note that you may also see some gray sections on the indicator bars, which means that there is no data in that subject area for at least some students. 


If the cutpoints listed above do not match what you see in the platform, please reach out to your district's project team or your Panorama contact for more information.


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