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Social-Emotional Learning in Student Success

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A student’s successful educational experience transcends core academic skills and content knowledge. 

Increasingly, schools and districts are focusing their efforts on students' social-emotional learning (SEL) skills and competencies, such as Growth Mindset, Social Awareness, and Self-Management.  Research shows that SEL is an important lever for promoting student success in school and in life. Positive social-emotional skills are closely correlated with higher academic achievement, including 13% gains on standardized tests and grades, as well as improved attendance, reduced disciplinary incidents, and an 11:1 return on investment for schools that use SEL programs. SEL skill-building has also been shown to decrease dropout risk and increase student attendance

Panorama Student Success includes early warning indicators for each student’s strengths in SEL as a critical source of information for educators. By using the Panorama Social-Emotional Learning Survey, schools and districts can collect valid and reliable SEL data from students and teachers about a range of students’ SEL mindsets and skills. Panorama’s SEL survey is also aligned to leading frameworks, such as the CASEL Core SEL Competencies, and research-backed curricula like the Second Step program.

Student Success on the Students Page

Once your school or district has run an SEL survey, you'll see an indicator bar in Student Success that shows your students' self-reported SEL competencies. You can quickly filter to students who have reported no skills. From there you have the ability to click into individual students, create a smart group so you can continue to track them, or further narrow your search by adding other filters. You may also expand the SEL indicator bar to see each of the different topics that were surveyed, which may be helpful if you are looking to support students in a specific area, such as grit or self-efficacy.

Panorama Student Success calculates students’ SEL indicators based on the results from their surveys. Each student’s scores are based on their reported strengths, opposed to deficits, in order to provide educators with a strengths-based, positive approach toward supporting each students’ SEL growth. Strengths are determined when students report an average score of 3.5 out of 5.0 or higher on each SEL topic assessed on the Panorama survey. 

Students are designated as “On Track for College/Career Readiness” when they have reported a strength in all topics assessed on the survey, “On Track for Graduation” when they have reported strengths in at least half of the topics assessed, “At Risk” when they have reported strengths in less than half of the topics assessed, and “Critical” when they have not reported any strengths on the SEL survey.

SEL on a Student Profile Page

Navigate to a student's profile page by clicking on their name. On this page, you can view reports on the student’s growth over time once surveys have been administered multiple times. As a result, educators can take action to support students’ SEL skills with clear indicators of growth and resources for support within Panorama Student Success.

* Don’t see this feature in your platform? Please check with your district team to learn more about the ways they plan to use Panorama.

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