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Integrating Data into Student Success

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The data integration process is essential to getting started on Student Success. 

After your first meeting with your Panorama team, you'll be asked to provide access to the main data systems that you would like to access in student success. Typically this includes your main student information system (SIS), a secondary data system (such as somewhere that behavior data is stored), and an assessment.

Your Panorama team can provide specific details about secure methods of sending the information to our engineers, but you can read more about systems and methods of data integration we support in this article.

Commonly Asked Integrations Questions

What are the key steps in the integrations process?

  1. Partner selects priority data streams to integrate into Panorama, and confirms during project kickoff call. 
  2. Partner provides initial access to Panorama (Panorama will provide instructions for each source) 
  3. Panorama engineers investigate data, communicating with partner about any concerns regarding the quality of the data or asking clarifying questions about how data should be interpreted.
  4. Panorama builds integrations with each system and sets up nightly exports of data to Panorama.
  5. Panorama and Partner hold a leadership preview to look at the live platform for the first time, ensure data is being displayed as expected, and provide initial account access to Panorama.

How many data sources will Panorama integrate?

Included in your partnership are the following integrations:

  • One primary Student Information System (SIS)
  • Up to three Panorama-supported assessments (see full list here)
  • One state summative assessment
  • Panorama Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Survey Data

If your district is interested in purchasing additional integrations beyond those included in your partnership, please reach out to your Panorama project team or sales representative. For a full list of data systems that Panorama supports and the methods we use to connect to them, please visit this page.


What is the timeline to fully integrate our data?

Timelines vary for each partnership, ranging between 6-18 weeks to complete, and is most influenced by: 1) how quickly Panorama is provided full access to all data systems, and 2) the access pathway a partner selects to provide data to Panorama. 

What are some next steps for my team to think about as the integration process is near completion?

When your data integration is complete, there are several tasks for you and your team to begin planning for. From finalizing your platform set up to building out communications and PD plans, these steps will help ensure a smooth roll out of Student Success in your district. Review this guide for next steps that your team can take.


Where can I learn more about Panorama’s Privacy Policy?

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to data privacy and security, feel free to review our Privacy Policy

While the data integration is in progress, you won't have access to Student Success. That means it's a great time to start building buy-in and planning the rollout of Student Success to your district! Check our the articles linked below to learn what you can expect in year one for a fuller picture of our partnership.


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