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Academics and Coursework in Student Success

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Strong academics are a prerequisite for success in high school and beyond. 

To best support student achievement, Panorama Student Success allows educators to monitor course grades, mastery of standards, and achievement on assessments. Academics data is shown in a variety of places throughout the Student Success platform in order to help educators in their daily work of supporting students.

Research shows that a student who maintains above a C average in high school is more likely to persist in college than those who do not. What’s more, a student who maintains an A average is seven times more likely to complete college in four years when compared to students with a C average. Students’ high school grades also correlate with their future earnings.


How Panorama Displays Academics

Panorama supports both traditional letter grades (A, B, C, D, and F) and standards based grades (such as 1, 2, 3, and 4) within the "Academics" indicator.

When a school uses traditional letter grades, students are designated as “On Track for College/Career Readiness” when they have all B’s or better in courses; “On Track for Graduation” when they have all C’s or better; “At Risk” when they have all D’s or better; and “Critical” when they have one or more failing grade. For schools and districts that use standards-based grading, Student Success also supports indicators based on students’ proficiency and mastery of standards. 

You can learn more about the specific cutpoints for traditional and standards-based grading (what makes a student "critical" for example) by reading this article.


Academics on the Students Page

The "Students" tab shows all students within a school. and allows you to filter down to students who may need additional support across specific subject areas. Like all indicators, you can filter to students who are At Risk or Critical in Academics, as well as expand the indicator bar to see if students are struggling more in a particular area, such as math.

The academic indicator can be expanded to show the exact course and grade that may be responsible for a student’s warning sign. For instance, a student may be flagged as “Critical” based on one failing course grade (e.g., Chemistry II), but not the others (e.g., all other course grades are B’s). In this case, educators can see that the student is struggling with a particular subject area and can better target interventions to get the student back on track.


Academics on Individual Student Profiles

This dashboard shows academic data from a student's daily course grades, GPA, and assessments in one place. You can also monitor change-over-time trends in your student's course grades across different subjects, such as English Language Arts, Math, and Science.


Panorama Student Success also displays results on assessments such as STAR and MAP so educators can understand students’ complete academic profiles. Educators can compare students’ early warning indicators in their course grades with results from benchmark assessments throughout the year, allowing them to proactively identify students who need academic support.  Click here to learn more about assessments in Panorama.

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