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Assessments in Student Success

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In addition to academics data from coursework, Student Success can provides insights into student performance state and district-level assessments. This data is displayed in real-time alongside coursework data (course grades, GPA, etc.) on dedicated subject dashboards for each school, offering educators a holistic view of student performance in each subject.

Assessments on the Students Page

The great place to view a school's overall assessment information is by looking at the assessment indicators on the "ELA" and "Mathematics" tabs on the left. 

When viewing this page, you will see student coursework alongside assessment data. This page is not limited by academic year. Instead, the most recent 5 administrations are shown. This allows for the viewing of students' progress across multiple years using a single assessment. For each assessment, the cut-off points that designate different indicator levels are established based on the recommendation of the vendor or administering organization. 

As with other data in Student Success, assessment data can be filtered by demographic indicators. You can also filter by assessment performance level to see isolated views of students who are above, meeting, or below benchmarks. Filtering can help you view the progress of specific student groups and then make plans to provide extra support to specific students when needed. 

Assessments on a Student Profile Page

You can view reports for individual students’ performance on assessments by navigating to their profile in Student Success. The Student Profile page contains a dashboard for all administered assessments for a student. Assessments are grouped according to their subject area, with line graphs that show the student’s progress on these assessments over time. 

Student Success also supports progress monitoring for assessments that are given repeatedly to a student over the course of given timeframe to see how the student is progressing towards a learning goal. These assessments are displayed at the top of the Assessments section and combine data points from the assessment score, baseline and target scores, and interventions.

Districts who use certain assessments are also able to see subscores for the sub-assessments, as well as the currently-shown composite score, when expanding the assessment.

Student Success

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