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Your Intervention Plans and Group Plan Page

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View Your Individual Intervention Plans

On theIntervention Plans” page you will see all Individual Student Intervention plans you have access to either as a champion or team member. This page will be defaulted to show Plans I am the champion for. Meaning, you will be able to view all individual student intervention plans that you are a champion for. On this page you can toggle between Plans I am the champion for, Plans I am on the team for and Plans I can view.  Selecting Plans I can view will show all in-progress plans for students you have access to see (Figure 1).

  •  For teachers, this likely means students enrolled in their class sections or students with plans where they’ve been added to the team.
  • For school administrators, this will likely mean all students in their school or at schools they have access to view, without having to be added to the intervention team.


Figure 1

Monitoring frequency informs when plans are due for updates on this page. When an update is due:

  1. Select “Update Progress” and fill out the fields accordingly to track this intervention. (See the Glossary section below for more information.)                                                                                                                               
  2. Click “Save” to save this update. Progress updates can only be edited by the creator.

Note: The “Update Progress” button will show a red icon “(!)” when the plan hasn’t been updated for some time.

You can view your timeline of the intervention when the plan is expanded. If the plan is being tracked with “notes only” the color is based on whether you have marked “On track”, “Progressing” or “Behind” in your updated. If the plan is being tracked with a quantitative measure the color will be based on the progress monitoring score in relation to the goal line (Figure 2.).

Figure 2

View Your Group Plans

You can see your list of group interventions on the My Group Plans page (Figure 3). This includes interventions that you created and interventions for which you are the champion.


Figure 3

Group interventions are organized by  Intervention Type (e.g., ELA) and then by tier. Within each section you can see the following information about the intervention:

  • Group name                                                                                              
  • Enrollment: number of students & plans in the group                                         
  • Strategies in use                                                   
  • % on track: On track is defined by the most recent status of each individual plan -- a student can be On track (green), Progressing (yellow), or Behind (red) when it comes to meeting the goal of the intervention.                                                
  • % up to dateUp to date is defined by whether the most recent progress update falls within the expected monitoring frequency on the plan. For example, if a plan’s monitoring frequency is set to Weekly, the plan will be up to date (green) if progress was updated in the last week. If it has been more than a week since the last update, an update will be due (yellow). If it has been more than two weeks since the last update, it will be overdue (red). 

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