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Viewing Student Results for SEL Progress Monitoring

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SEL Progress Monitoring is an enhancement to Panorama's Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) intervention tool. Student responses to SEL Progress Monitoring questions are recorded over time and graphed on the student profile.

What's in this article:

Educators will choose up to three SEL Focus Areas and establish "monitoring questions" to distribute to students as a short progress monitoring survey. This article will support educators after the administration of SEL Progress Monitoring questions to help determine:

  • Who can view student results for SEL Progress Monitoring?
  • How often should the Champion view results?
  • What decisions should be made based on this data?

Who can view Student Results for SEL Progress Monitoring?

All users with access to view the student’s profile can view a student’s progress monitoring question responses on the student’s profile in a timeline view. Users view responses to individual questions plotted on a graph over time, with a drop down to change between questions. Users can view item level responses to all questions and make informed decisions about actions taken during intervention.

How often should the Champion view results?

In general, the champion should strive to look at the results at the same cadence of the intervention. That is, if the champion sets up a survey to go out every other week, they should try to look at the data on a similar cadence. This will allow the champion to respond to student data, if needed, in a timely manner. 

What decisions should be made based on this data?

As always, data should be interpreted carefully and within the context of other data and the champion’s expertise. The data provided via these surveys can be very valuable and powerful and facilitate better and more responsive decision making. They are useful indicators of what is going on for a student. They are not, however, a definitive picture. No single set of questions can definitely encapsulate any individual student, so it is important we use these data as one of many valuable inputs in making decisions and taking actions.

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