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What is the difference between teacher and staff surveys?

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The Panorama Teacher Survey is designed for instructional staff, while the Panorama Staff Survey is designed for staff members in other student-facing roles like nurses, guidance counselors and librarians.

When you create a teacher survey using Panorama's Content Tool, you'll notice that two versions of the survey are created: one for staff and one for teachers. These two versions of the survey will cover the same survey topics, but the questions will be worded in a way that is more accurate for the person taking it. 

When you download the sample template for your roster file, you'll notice that there is a column titled "Employee Form Assignment," where you'll want to note whether each employee should receive the "teacher" or "staff" version of the survey.

The two surveys used together are a great fit for schools and districts that want to gather feedback that is mostly instructionally focused, but from a broader group than just classroom teachers. It is also possible to compare the experiences of non-instructional with instructional staff. The Panorama platform allows schools and districts to make direct comparisons between results from the two instruments, helping school and district leaders have targeted conversations.

Screenshot of content tool with a teacher survey

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