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Building Trust in Panorama Survey Data

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Why Trust Matters

Data is acted on when it’s trusted and it’s trusted when it’s understood. We’ve found that teachers are most excited to act on Panorama survey data once a few common questions are addressed. 
Before sharing results with your staff, consider addressing the following questions:
  • How are Panorama’s surveys designed?
  • How do I know my students understood the questions and answered honestly?
  • Where can I find more technical information on the validity and reliability of Panorama’s surveys?


Explore the question: Can we trust this data?

Validate the question as common and reasonable:
  • By completing this survey, our students/staff/families are asking us to hear them. Reports include numbers but those numbers represent the voice of your community.
  • Consider survey data in the context of additional anecdotal information. Student/staff/family voice should complement and not replace other information sources such as the experience and opinions of educators in the classroom.
  • Keep in mind that Panorama topic scores aggregate many responses to several questions. Thus, concerns about an individual student’s response to a single question shouldn’t prevent meaningful analysis of topic level information.
Share information about the Panorama survey development process:

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