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Sharing Survey Data with Students

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Why Sharing Feedback Data with Students Matters

Understanding and acting on feedback data can be challenging for adults, so the notion of sharing results with students may seem daunting at first. However, we’ve seen that feedback data is most impactful when the whole educational community takes collective responsibility for school improvement. Involving students in the process of co-creating interventions based on data goes a long way in making a positive change.

How Does This Lesson Plan Work?

  • The teacher will pre-select the most actionable topics for students to explore together.
  • Students will build skills around understanding feedback data, including essential vocabulary and concepts.
  • Students will interpret the data by engaging in small-group conversations using sentence stems to prompt thinking and dialogue.

For the one-page lesson plan, please see the downloadable PDF below.

Take Action

For more detailed instructions and ready-to-go materials to facilitate a lesson for students to dig into feedback data, please download Sharing Panorama Data with Students: A Lesson Plan.



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