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Introducing Student Success to Your Community

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Why Community Investment Matters

We know that new initiatives are most successful when staff members are informed and excited. To help build investment in using Student Success to improve student outcomes at your school or district, please see the recommended strategies and resources below.

1. Set project goals that will anchor your work throughout and shape the way you communicate with your stakeholders. Setting goals for what you’re hoping to learn and achieve will make it that much easier to talk to your school community about why this work matters.

  • Schedule a brainstorming session with school leaders what questions are top-of-mind for them about their school. What questions keep them up at night that they would like to easily be able to answer using data? For example, I want to know which students are at risk for attendance in the first few weeks of school so that our team can intervene.
  • Consider reviewing your school or district's survey data to identify which student groups may benefit from additional support and set a goal for supporting that group. For example, our 9th graders report a low sense of belonging at our school. In the first two weeks of school, Counselors will look at their 9th graders in Student Success and identify one area to celebrate with each student (academics, attendance, and/or SEL) to increase their sense of belonging.

2. Highlight that Student Success will take work off of staff member's plates. Rather than spending time collecting and analyzing data across many information systems, administrators and staff will have current school- and student-level data at their fingertips each day. This frees them up to focus on what they care about most: using data to support their students.

3. Identify school and teacher champions who are involved in rolling out Student Success from the beginning. Hearing excitement from a fellow teacher or school administrator about how much Student Success has changed their work is often the most impactful way to increase buy-in.

4. Show the Student Success platform to your staff ahead of the roll-out. Guide them through what features you're most excited about and let them explore the platform as well. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Take Action: 

Building buy-in with your school community is the first step to ensuring that data will be used to improve outcomes for students. Please know that you're not alone in this effort! 

  • Our team is ready and eager to shape a partnership and rollout plan that's tailored to your school community and needs. Your Panorama team will be able to share additional ideas for increasing engagement.
  • Our Teaching and Learning team are experts at designing and facilitating impactful workshops and trainings. Your first year with Panorama includes two workshop sessions!

Want to learn how a district involved teachers in their goal-setting and planning process? Read about what happened in Millbury, MA.

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