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Navigating Student Success

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This page walks through the high-level navigation of features and pages in Student Success. You can watch the video for a high-level overview of everything you can do in Student Success, or browse the descriptions and linked pages below to learn more about the different sections of the platform. The video is approximately 20 minutes long, but you can use the chapters on the right to navigate to specific sections you are most interested in learning about.

The video also includes prompts to answer questions or to practice using each of the features, to solidify your learnings during this first exploration of Student Success.

Before diving into the platform, we recommend that you use the worksheet to the right to share your Hopes and Hurdles. 

This activity is a good way to acknowledge what you believe the impact of the data will be, as well as surface any concerns or questions you may have as you view the data. Writing down these thoughts upfront allows you to be aware of your own mindset while you look through the platform.

Go to File > Make a Copy or Download to save an editable version that you can fill out before learning more about Student Success. 

Hopes and Hurdles Worksheet

School Dashboard

The School Dashboard gives more detailed insights into the performance of students at the school-level, as well as a deep dive into attendance data. On the Overview page, you can use View By and Filters to zoom in on specific groups of students. On the Attendance Dashboard, you'll see a graph of the percent of students in attendance across the school year. The attendance rate graph helps you to understand attendance trends at key points in the school year as well as over a longer period of time. You can use the timeframe buttons or the slider bar to see adjust the dates that you're looking at. 

At the bottom of the page you'll find a list of students who were absent the previous day, as well as information about how many times they have been absent recently, their grade level and why they missed school. This is a great place to keep track of individual students who may be at risk of chronic absenteeism or truancy.

Want to learn more about the District and School Dashboards? Check out Using the District and School Dashboards for more detail on using these dashboards as a tool to answer high-level questions. 

Students Page

The Students tab contains school-level data for each of your indicator bars (Academics, Attendance, Behavior, and SEL). You'll see a full list of every student in the selected school and how they're doing in each of the different subject areas. On the left you'll also have access to a birthdays dashboard, assessment data, interventions, and filters that allow you to narrow down the list of students you're looking at.

Want to learn more about the Students page? Check out Using the Students Dashboard for more detail on using this page to support students. 

Key Questions:

  • What percentage of students are on track for college and career readiness?                                               
  • Are we making progress in closing achievement gaps?                                                                                         
  • Which students are trending down in academics, behavior, or coursework?                                                                   
  • Which students are receiving interventions?                                                                                                                
  • Which students have a support plan in progress?                                                                                         
  • Is there a relationship between grades, chronic absenteeism, behavior incidents, and SEL competencies in our school?

Student Profiles

You can navigate to any student's profile by clicking on their name or picture. Their profile will show each of the different subject areas you've seen throughout the platform, but in much more detail. You'll see any interventions students are a part of, their current and full year's grades, day-to-day attendance, any behavior incidents, and self-reported SEL skills.

Guardian Contact Information

Every student profile will have a link that guides you to their guardian contact information. The guardian contact information is pulled from your Student Information System (SIS). Educators can inform students' guardians about their progress or needs in school to support their students.

To enable educators to do this more easily, this feature displays information including:

  • Guardian’s name                                                                                                                                                        
  • Relationship to the student                                                                                                                                                      
  • Email address                                                                                                                                                      
  • Phone number                                                                                                                                                      
  • Other demographic data provided to us about the guardian(s)

You can view this information by clicking on the View Guardian Contact Info link on the student’s profile. You see a new pop-up that displays all of the guardian contact info that we have integrated for that student.

If you notice information is missing you can contact your Panorama Project team or refer to your SIS to see if this information is available. 

Navigating Student Groups

On this page you'll see all of the student groups you have created, as well as groups that have been shared with you. You can learn more about creating and saving groups of students in this article.

Key Questions:

  • How are students in a specific homeroom doing on coursework, attendance, behavior, and SEL?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • How are 9th grade girls performing in my school?                                                                                           
  • Are students who self-reported no SEL strengths in semester 1 and who were at risk for coursework making improvements in semester 2?

Student Success

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