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Sharing Data in Student Success

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We know that it is important for educators to have a dynamic tool to inform how you best support individual students. We also understand that educators need to share data in multiple formats with different stakeholder groups (e.g. parents, students, peers, school and district administrators). Continue reading or use the links below to learn more about the different ways you can share data within Student Success.

Collaborating on Interventions

Everyone who has access to a student's page in Student Success can view their in-progress and completed interventions, but adding a note, updating progress, and completing an intervention can only be done by those who are a part of the team that is supporting this student.

The "team" for a student's intervention includes the creator of the intervention and the champion, who is the educator responsible for seeing the intervention to completion. Once you've created an intervention plan, you also have the opportunity to add others who can manage the plan.

Sharing Students and Groups

On certain pages, including an in individual student profile and a filtered list of students, you will see a share button with an envelope icon. This button allows you to share a direct link to this page with educators in your school or district. The recipient will receive an email with a direct link to the shared page, as well as any notes you choose to include.

You may also share groups, which invites your peers to view a group you have created. Once a group is shared, it will show under a new “Shared Groups” section in the Groups page. The creator and anyone who now has access to the group will see it in their list, making it easy to find and view as needed.

You can also use the share button to see who already has access to the group and remove other collaborators when needed, such as if the students' support team changes. 
Note: You will not be able to remove the person who created the group, though that user will have the ability to delete the group.

Uploading Documents to a Student's Profile

You can upload documents to a student's profile to share more context or information about supports being provided to the student. 

On the left side of each student's profile, you'll see a Documents tab, where you'll be able to view, download, or upload documents in the following formats: pdf, jpeg, jpg, png, gif, doc, docx, csv, tsv, xls, xlsx, txt, rtf. You can rename files using the edit button, download them, or delete them if they were added by mistake. 

Once you have uploaded a document, you will see an indicator next to the Documents tab that lets you know how many documents are available on that student's profile. 

Please note that documents will be visible to everyone who has access to the student, potentially including district leaders, school leaders, counselors, and other teachers. Documents are tied to the student's current school, so if a student switches schools, educators will no longer be able to see the documents that were documents uploaded previously. However, as long as students are in the same school, documents uploaded while they were at this school will continue to be available, even if they were uploaded in previous school years. 

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