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Behavior in Student Success

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Student behavior that results in discipline referrals and suspensions is connected to students falling off track for graduation. Behavioral early warning indicators can help you monitor trends before more intensive interventions are required.

Behavior in the School and District View

In Student Success, educators can track students’ behavior incidents based on data including discipline referrals, infractions, and suspensions. Students are designated as “On Track for College/Career Readiness” if they have not had any incidents, “On Track for Graduation” if they have had incidents on 1-2% of school days, “At Risk” for incidents on 3-5% of school days, and “Critical” for incidents on more than 5% of school days.

It is important to note that Panorama chose to calculate the behavior indicator based on percentage of days with incidents, rather than number of incidents, because we found it essential to our student-first thinking. Calculating based on the percentage allows students the opportunity to improve throughout the year.

For schools and districts that track students’ positive behaviors, such as those using a Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) framework, Panorama Student Success displays behavior indicators based on these points or recognition occurrences. For example, educators can view students’ behavior indicator based on a weekly average of positive behaviors (e.g., students are “On Track for Graduation” if they average more than 10 positive behavior points per week). From a student’s profile, educators can view a detailed summary of each behavioral incident or point, including the date, action, who it was reported by, and outcome. 

Behavior in the Student Profile

The student profile provides more detail about the behavior incidents that have been reported for a student. Our default is to show a summary as well as specifics about each incident. If you have any concerns about showing this information, please contact your Panorama project team, as they will be able to advise on configuring this section to meet your needs. 

Behavior User Access and Permissions

Behavior permissions will determine what behavior data is available for a given role. Permission options will be dependent on the student access level selected for a particular role. Below you will see a list of the permission options available to each role. 

  • Select All: Enables permissions for all available behavior data.       
  • View Aggregate Data: Enables aggregate level behavior reports for the school(s) and/or district(s) a user has access to (regardless of student access for the role).   
  • View Student Summary Data: Enables summary level behavior reporting in a student's profile.
  • View Incident Data: Enables incident behavior details on a student profile including (but not limited to) type, date, location, and time of incident.                           
  • View Incident Comments: Enables incident comments made by staff on a student profile. “View Incident Data” must also be enabled to see comments.

Click through the below slides to view an example of each permission level or download this resource to reference and share with your project team. 


All Behavior Permissions except “View Aggregate Data” use student access level to determine what role can see which students. If you have access to the "Admin"page, you will be able to review and update any of these permissions. The permission options above are tied to a role, not a user.Once roles have been updated, the permission level will be applied to each individual who is tied to that role. For example, if "Select all" is selected for the District Administrator role, all users who have District Administrator access will see:

  • Aggregate level behavior reports for the school(s) and/or district(s)                                                                                             
  • Summary level behavior reporting in all their students' profiles.                                                                                           
  • All incident comments made by other staff members in all their students' profiles.                                                             
  • Behavior details on all their students' profiles such as incident type, date, location, and time of the incident.


For any additional questions on permissions please reach out to support@panoramaed.com or your Panorama Project team.

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