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What does year one of Student Success Look Like?

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Welcome to the Panorama family! We are thrilled to partner with you in the coming months to build your district’s Student Success platform and enable educators to more proactively and effectively drive support for their students! 

At the heart of our initial stage of work together will be your district’s technology team coordinating with Panorama to secure access to and integrate with each of your top priority data systems. While this technical work is happening, it is important to remember that your first year on Student Success is the best time to build buy-in and make sure that educators in your school or district are equipped to use the platform once it goes live.

Here's what you can expect to happen during your first year using Student Success:
Kickoff You'll be introduced to your Panorama project team and have some time to discuss your goals, as well as learn more about the platform and the data integration process.
Integration During the integration process, Panorama's engineering team will work to pull your identified data streams into Student Success. Typically our partners want to pull Attendance, Academics, and Behavior into the platform, as well as a state-level assessment. We advise working with your project team to determine which systems we will need to pull the data from and what information will be most useful to have in the platform. Consider these next steps for your team as integrations are near completion.

Next Steps
Project Team Preview After Panorama's engineering team has completed pulling your district's data into Student Success, your Panorama project team will schedule a call to show your core project team the platform. At this time we will discuss next steps for rollout and training the rest of your school or district. 
Rollout During the rollout phase of our work together, your Panorama project team will share best practices and tips for how to to introduce others in your district to Student Success, as well as how to give them access to the platform
Trainings Two trainings are included in your first year of Student Success, and we recommend strategizing with your Panorama project team to determine the focus of these trainings, as well as who should be invited. Trainings are a great way to introduce your school community to Student Success and give them a chance to practice using the platform.
SEL Surveys When you are ready to begin learning about your students' self-reported SEL skills, you can set up your SEL surveys in the Panorama platform. This can happen at any point during your partnership, and is a great way to round out the data that you see within the platform.   

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